Office of the Dean

The dean is the chief administrator of the College of Science, Technology, Mathematics, and Health Sciences. The dean’s office provides leadership for all of the programs in the College and for the activities of faculty, staff, and students. The Office of the Dean has general academic responsibility for degree and certificate programs in the college and for fiscal accountability and resource development. The Office of the Dean is also a hub for communications among the college.

Name Title Phone Location E-mail
Toni Crites College Operations Manager 541.962.3509 Loso 154 tcrites
Peter Geissinger Dean, College of STMHS 541.962.3509 Loso 154 pgeissinger
Nikole Gribas Administrative Program Assistant 541.962.3668 Loso 154 ngribas
MJ Heather Office Specialist II 541.962.3316 Badgley 215 heathe3
Julie Keniry STEM Program Facilitator 541.962.3012 Loso 154 jkeniry


Name Discipline Phone Location E-mail
Laura Mahrt Biology 541.962.3022 Badgley 303 F lmahrt
Anna Cavinato Chemistry 541.962.3561 Badgley 303G acavinat
Michael Hatch Outdoor Adventure Program 541.962.3621 Hoke 102 mhatch
Steve Sheehy Comp Sci – Interim 541.962.3065 Badgley 107 B ssheehy
Steve Tanner Mathematics 541.962.3631 Loso 238 stanner
Tony Tovar Physics 541.962.3310 Badgley 107C atovar
Darren Dutto Physical Activity & Health 541.962.3220 Zabel 102 C ddutto
Charles Lyons Psychology 541.962.3660 Badgley 151 clyons


Name Programs Phone Location E-mail
Lori Baird Biology & Chemistry 541.962.3070 Badgley 120 lbaird
Mandy Johnson CS, Math, on campus PAH 541.962.3060 Loso 153 mrjohnson
Sam McCumber Psychology 541.962.3119 Ackerman 204F ceggert