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Forms and Application Links

You will be notified by our staff when your application has been accepted (see button on CCSI Home page to apply). After you receive the acceptance email, please download these forms and return the signed copies with payment to EOU using the address supplied in the email. Thanks for joining us this year at Cottonwood Crossing Summer Institute!

In addition, there are two useful links below – the Eastern Promise Application (this is required for all students) and a Scholarship Application.

REQUIRED – This form is required for all students enrolled in Eastern Promise courses.

Eastern Promise Parent Financial Responsibility Form

REQUIRED – This form provides health information and authorization for emergency medical treatment.

Medical History and Health Insurance Form

REQUIRED – This form provides acknowledgement of and consent to participate in CCSI activities. Please read carefully and provide signature and initials from both student and parent/guardian.

Acknowledgement of Risk and Waiver of Liability

This form is a consent to participate in the research being conducted by the EOU Physical Activity and Health Capstone students. It is REQUIRED for students who are enrolled in the Human Performance project and optional for all other students. If you participate, you will receive a printed summary of your daily activity patterns!

Coming soon! Informed Consent to Participate in Research

REQUIRED – All students must apply to EOU through the Eastern Promise application using the link below. Select “Cottonwood Crossing” from the program menu.

Eastern Promise Application

Use the link below to apply for scholarship funds. Many schools are able to support their students to attend CCSI and we have a variety of scholarships available.

Scholarship Application

If you have any questions or special needs concerning these forms or the application process, please contact Julie Keniry at jkeniry@eou.edu.