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2014 Capstones

h3>Winter Practicums: Research Projects prior to Spring Capstone Projects

Tony Eackles
Tony is working in the EOU Athletics Program researching the EOU social, visual and literary media that encourages participation in sports. He will undertake his Capstone in marketing and public presentations for Athletics.
Jacob Kuwahara
Jacob is conducting research for the Liberty Theatre Foundation, a 501c3 organization dedicated to revitalizing the 104-year-old theater in downtown La Grande. He will then be developing a short film about the Liberty for his Capstone in the spring.
Chris Leeman
Chris, who is doing his Practicum this term and then his Capstone next term in Ireland, is researching the linguistic differences between Irish folklore tales and Irish historical tales as they pertain to cultural contexts including speech, singing, gesture, and dance. His Capstone will include a public presentation of his materials in May.
Alexis Martinez-Rivas
Alexis is working at the K House, the Christian student community across the street from EOU, where he is developing new programs, researching projects and serving food. His Capstone will include a marketing project, a Speakers Series, and service projects for the K House.
Michelle Mudder
Michelle has been at the Regional Solutions Center where she has researched and written materials promoting the Cottonwood Crossing Summer Institute to potential schools and organizations in Oregon. Her plan is to develop a promotional documentary for the Cottonwood Crossing Summer Institute for her Capstone.
Bryson Ricker
Bryson is working for the La Grande Police Department where his focus for the Practicum and Capstone has been on researching and developing safety presentations for high school students. His plan is to work for the Police Department next year.
Ashley (Raven) Rodriguez
Raven marketed, organized and facilitated the very successful CEAD (Celebrate Educate and Appreciate Diversity) Conference on the EOU campus February 8th. Her Capstone will be to prepare a presentation about the CEAD for the campus community and the public.
Darren Starks
Darren is doing a diversity research study for the University Advancement Office on campus that will focus on the challenges faced in rural education in five different races –Black, Indigenous Native American, Hispanic/Latin, Asian, & pacific Islander/Polynesian– within America. He will use this research for a Capstone public presentation in the spring.
Nicole Terrill
Nicole has been conducting her research study in the University Advancement Office where she has been focusing on communication and event planning on the EOU Campus. Her Capstone will include organizing and publicizing the Presidents Gala in May.