The Greater Oregon STEM Hub (GO STEM)

GO STEM Mobile Maker Lab

The Greater Oregon STEM Hub (GO STEM)

A regional partnership cultivating a community that values STEM learning, prepares youth for successful STEM careers,

and builds pathways and pipelines to meet workforce needs.

GO STEM is STEM for ALL in Greater Oregon!

GO STEM is a collaborative partnership led by an Advisory Board with representatives from seven counties in eastern Oregon. Our work centers around three key priority areas:

  1. STEM Awareness, Pipelines & Pathways – Grow the workforce!
  2. STEM Systems for Education – Improve educational opportunities!
  3. Communicating Rural STEM Perspectives, Needs Solutions & Opportunities – Advance rural viewpoints!

GO STEM is about improving K-12 awareness and access to high quality STEM education programs, as well as networking industry, education, business, and government partners to impact STEM education and development in the region.


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