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Psychology Minor

Psychology Minor

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Program Requirements:

The Psychology Minor is a minimum 33 credit hour minor. A grade of “C-” or better is required for each course counting towards the minor, but a cumulative GPA of at least a 2.00 is required for completion of the minor.

A minimum of 10 credit hours counting toward the minor must be completed at Eastern Oregon University.

Course NumberCourse TitleCreditsPrerequisites
PSY 201General Psychology [SSC]4
PSY 202General Psychology [SSC]4PSY 201


Choose 25 credits from the following list:

Course NumberCourse TitleCreditsPrerequisites
PSY 310Selected Topics1 to 6
PSY 311Child Development [SSC]5PSY 201, 202
PSY 321Stress & Disease [SMI]3
PSY 330Emotions [SSC]5PSY 201, 202
PSY 335Cognitive Psychology [SMI, UWR]
On-campus students also complete PSY 335L Cognitive Psych Lab
5PSY 201, 202, 222
PSY 342Brain & Behavior5PSY 201, 202
PSY 343Learning
On-campus students also complete PSY 343L Learning Lab
5PSY 201, 202
PSY 344Sensation & Perceptions5PSY 201, 202
PSY 345Motivation5PSY 201, 202
PSY 350Abnormal Psychology5PSY 201, 202
PSY 357Evolution & Behavior [SMI]5PSY 201, 202
PSY 360Principle Social Psychology5PSY 201, 202
PSY 370Personality [UWR]5PSY 201, 202

Total credits required for minor: 33

If the requirements for the minor are not met at the time of graduation, the minor will not be awarded.
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Last update July 2012