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Politics & Economics Major

Politics & Economics Major


Complete all Institutional Graduation Requirements (Including University Writing Requirement, Diversity Requirement, General Education Requirement, etc.) as provided at http://www.eou.edu/registrar.

Program Requirements: Politics & Economics is a minimum 60 credit hour degree. A grade of “C-” or better is required for each course counting towards the major, but a cumulative GPA of at least a 2.00 is required for completion of the major.

Course NumberCourse TitleCreditsPrerequisites
ECON 201Principles of Microeconomics [SSC]5 MATH 095 or MATH 095A & 095B or MATH 098
ECON 202Principles of Macroeconomics [SSC]5 MATH 095 or MATH 095A & 095B or MATH 098
POLS 101American National Government [SSC]5
POLS 221International Relations [SSC]5
POLS 340Politics & Media [SSC]5
POLS 350Public Policy [SSC]5
STAT 243Elementary Statistics [SMI]
Online students complete STAT 243A/243B in lieu of STAT 243
4 MATH 095 or MATH 095A & 095B or MATH 098
STAT 244Correlation & Regression1STAT 243 or STAT 243B

Choose one of the following courses:

Course NumberCourse TitleCreditsPrerequisites
ECON 407Seminar/Capstone5
POLS 407Seminar (Capstone)5
POLS 450Applied Policy Analysis5
ELECTIVES: 20 credit hours

Complete at least 10 upper division credit hours from Political Science:

Course NumberCourse TitleCreditsPrerequisites
POLS 310Selected Topics1 to 6
POLS 314State & Local Government [UWR]5Any lower division POLS course
POLS 315Globalization & Beer2
POLS 316Politics & Beer2
POLS 317Beer & Tourism2
POLS 318The American Dream2
POLS 320The Presidency5
POLS 352Budgetary Politics & Process [UWR]5
POLS 353Community & Regional Planning [UWR]5
POLS 354Public Personnel Management [UWR]5
POLS 382Constitutional Law [UWR]5
POLS 383Civil Liberties [UWR]5
POLS 384Administrative Law & Process3
POLS 402Seminar5
POLS 409Field Placement
POLS 409 is limited to 5 credit hours
1 to 5
POLS 410Selected Topics1 to 5
POLS 450Applied Policy Analysis [UWR]5

Complete at least 10 upper division credit hours from Economics:

Course NumberCourse TitleCreditsPrerequisites
ECON 301Intermediate Microeconomics5ECON 201
ECON 302Intermediate Macroeconomics5ECON 201, STAT 243, 244
ECON 310Selected Topics1 to 6
ECON 318Money/Financial Markets/Institutions [UWR]5ECON 202, STAT 243, 244
ECON 340Managerial Economics5ECON 201, MATH 241, STAT 327
ECON 345Economics of Development5
ECON 370History of Economic Thought [SSC]5
ECON 376Environmental & Natural Resource Economics5
ECON 401Econometric Capstone I2
ECON 402Econometrics Capstone II2
ECON 405Selected Topics1 to 5
ECON 409Field Placement1 to 15
ECON 410Selected Topics2 to 6
ECON 435Public Finance5
ECON 440International Economics: Issues & Analysis5ECON 201, 202
ECON 481American Labor & Union5

Total credits required for major: 60

Last update January 2015

POLS 351 course removed from check sheet options because course was deleted spring 2022

Major ending Spring 2022