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Mathematical Studies Minor



A minimum of 33 graded credit hours
A minimum grade of “C-“ and a cumulative GPA of 2.00 (or better) is required in all courses counting toward the minor.
A minimum of 10 graded credit hours counting toward the minor must be completed at Eastern Oregon University.
Minor is available to Multidisciplinary Studies majors only


Course # Title [and course information] Credit(s) Prerequisites(s)
MATH 211 Foundations of Elementary Math I [SMI] 4 MATH 095
STAT 243 Elementary Statistics [SMI] 4 MATH 095
MATH 251 Calculus I [SMI] 4 MATH 112
Online students complete MATH 251A/251B in lieu of MATH 251
MATH 252 Calculus II [SMI] 4 MATH 251
CS 161 Foundations of CS I 4
MTHE 333 Math in Elementary School 5


Choose one of the following:

Course # Title [and course information] Credit(s) Prerequisite(s)
MATH 338 Modern Geometry 4 MATH 252
MATH 382 Structures of Abstract Mathematics [UWR] 4 MATH 341*
*Pre-req can be waived for Mathematical Studies Minors


Complete an additional 4 credits of mathematics (231, 254, 341 or any UD)
MATH 231 Discrete Mathematics 4 MATH 111 or equivalent
MATH 254 Calculus IV [SMI] 4 MATH 253
MATH 341 Linear Algebra 4 MATH 252


Total credits required for minor: 33

If the requirements for the minor are not met at the time of graduation, the minor will not be awarded.
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Last update February 2017