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Accounting Minor

Accounting Minor


A minimum of 30 graded credit hours

At least 21 credit hours must be upper division

A minimum grade of “C-“ is required in all courses counting toward the minor and a cumulative GPA of at least a 2.00 is required to complete the minor.

A minimum of 12 graded credit hours counting toward the minor must be completed at Eastern Oregon University.

Minor not available to students seeking a BA/BS in Accounting.

BA 231 (formerly BA 131) is a required pre-requisite for this minor. [students can test out of BA 231 by contacting the College of Business]

Course NumberCourse TitleCredits Prerequisites
ACCT 211Financial Accounting4MATH 070
ACCT 213Managerial Accounting4ACCT 211
Course NumberCourse TitleCreditsPrerequisites
ACCT 383Intermediate Accounting I3ACCT 211
ACCT 384Intermediate Accounting II3ACCT 383
ACCT 385Intermediate Accounting III3ACCT 384
ACCT 424Auditing & Assurance Services [UWR]4ACCT 385

Complete at least 9 credits from the following courses:

Course NumberCourse TitleCreditsPrerequisites
ACCT 303Accounting Information Systems and Management4ACCT 211 & BA 231
ACCT 332Investments4BA 313
ACCT 333Taxation of Individuals3ACCT 211
ACCT 334Taxation of Business Entities3ACCT 333
ACCT 390International Accounting4ACCT 385
ACCT 411Ethics & Accountants Professional Responsibility [UWR]4ACCT 383
ACCT 413Managerial Finance4ACCT 213, 303, ECON 202 & STAT 243
ACCT 420Government & Non-Profit Accounting4ACCT 384
ACCT 421Cost Management4ACCT 213
ACCT 428Forensic Accounting & Fraud Examination4ACCT 424
ACCT 429Advanced Forensic Accounting4ACCT 428
ACCT 460Advanced Cost Management4ACCT 421
ACCT 461Internal Control Systems4ACCT 428
ACCT 470White Collar Crime4BA 354
ACCT 471Interviewing Techniques for Fraud Control4BA 354
ACCT 472Corporate Governance4BA 354
ACCT 498Advanced Financial Accounting4ACCT 385

Total credits required for minor: 30

If the requirements for the minor are not met at the time of graduation, the minor will not be awarded.

EPCC update April 2020 [starts fall 2020]