Parking Permits

Parking permits are available at the Student Accounts office in Inlow Hall. More information regarding prices and availability of reserved parking may be found here.

Parking Citations

Parking citations are issued to vehicles parked in reserved parking spaces without parking permits. Parking citations will also be issued to vehicles parked in designated no-parking zones or if parked in time-restricted zones once that time has been exceeded.

Citation Appeal Form

An appeal of the issuance of a parking citation may be submitted to campus security for review. All appeals will be reviewed and responded to within a timely manner. First time no-permit offenders may have their first citation dismissed on condition that a parking permit is purchased. An appeals form is available at the Student Accounts office or online here. Please contact Bill Benson, Security and Parking Supervisor for further questions.

Parking Complaints

Complaints and/or reporting of parking violations should be reported to Bill Benson via email ( or voice at 541-962-3241.