Alcohol & Drugs

Alcohol and Drug Policy

Courtyard between North and Daugherty Hall

Residence Life policies are intended to provide an environment of support for the development and education of its residents during their time on campus. To this end, our first-year student buildings (Daugherty Hall and North Hall) are designated substance-free areas or “dry halls”. Students living in these buildings are not permitted to be in possession of alcohol or alcohol containers. In addition to being illegal, underage drinking by traditional first-year students is directly linked to a number of issues that impede the success of students in their first year. The presence of alcohol in a traditional first-year student experience is not conducive to attaining the goals and pursuits of higher education.

The following is paraphrased from the Residence Life Contract regarding Alcohol in the residence halls:

Possessing, consuming, or furnishing of alcohol in designated substance-free or public areas of the residence halls is not allowed. Residents not living in substance-free areas who are of age may consume alcohol in the privacy of their room/suite with the door closed. No drinking games of any nature are allowed. Consuming alcohol in the presence of minors is not allowed with the exception of roommates so long as all previous conditions are met. Residents are not to be visibly intoxicated in any public area of the residence halls. There is no tolerance of drugs, drug paraphernalia, or any illegal substance in the residence halls or elsewhere on campus.  Residents have an assumed responsibility for what is taking place in their room/suite including the behavior of their guests and can be found responsible for the actions of these guests.

For a full version of Residence Life’s Drug and Alcohol Policy please refer to the Housing Room and Dining Contract.