• Always ask permission before taking pictures of any dancers, drum groups, or ceremonies.
  • Do not touch anyone’s regalia without permission. It is not a costume and should be respected.
  • If you see regalia on the ground or see it fall off a dancer, do not pick it up. Instead notify the arena director, or a powwow committee member.
  • The Flag Song is sung when the American flag is raised or lowered. Please stand and remove hats during the singing of this song.
  • No alcohol or drugs are allowed at the event.
  • Parents should always watch their children. Never allow them to run through or play during the dances.
  • Pay attention to the Master of Ceremonies (MC). He will inform you of any special instructions during ceremonies, songs or dances.
  • If you are uncertain of procedure or etiquette, please check with the Arena Director, or a powwow committee member. They will be glad to help you with your questions.