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President’s Letter – Spring 2020

Fellow Alumni and Friends,

Two years ago, Eastern Oregon University was designated “Oregon’s Rural University.” This moniker symbolizes EOU’s commitment and interconnection to our region, rural eastern Oregon. Until now, we never knew how much it meant.

EOU serves as the cultural, educational, and economic engine of rural places, and our success is inextricably linked to the communities where students actively engage and learn. As we navigate this unprecedented time, I stand proud of the EOU community and our response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Students, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends of this university have adapted quickly to continue living out our mission and values. When spring term classes on-campus shifted to remote-access, academic departments and support staff collaborated to transition curriculum and services in every area of the institution, drawing from our long history of delivering education at a distance.

Although our main campus has been empty these last few months, our students have remained engaged. Club events, leadership opportunities, coursework, and study sessions are taking place in new, virtual environments.

As we ensure the educational success of current students, we are continually reminded of the difference EOU alumni are making in their communities. Stories enclosed here illustrate how the Mountaineer network powers countless companies, organizations, and neighborhoods around the globe, especially in times of crisis.

I am blessed to have graduated from Oregon’s Rural University. I am thankful for all that our alumni contribute to society and the communities they call home. Eastern Oregon University is an engine because its alumni, friends, employees, and students unlock cultural, social, and economic opportunities amid every kind of challenge.


Thomas A. Insko, ’94