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Donor Spotlight: The Haddocks

Jamie Jo (Cant) Haddock, ’04, and Tricia (Haddock) Kelly, ’04, pose [center] with friends and family members after their 2003-04 women’s basketball team was inducted to the EOU Athletics Hall of Fame in 2014.

Becoming like sisters with a teammate took on a much more literal meaning for Jamie Jo (Cant) Haddock, ’04, and Tricia (Haddock) Kelly, ’04. They played on the Mountaineer women’s basketball team together, and Jamie Jo later married Tricia’s brother. 

The sisters-in-law remain involved on campus as members of the Mountaineer Athletic Association (MAA), the athletics booster club. When they wore the blue and gold, MAA scholarships didn’t exist. Now they’re ensuring future student-athletes have every possible opportunity to succeed. 

“I can see the value as a player who had to have a job, go to school, and practice,” Jamie Jo said. “It is hard to focus on school or basketball when you are working 10 to 20 hours a week to help support yourself. Having that burden removed can make our student athletes more successful.” 

The MAA consists of EOU alumni, fans and friends who focus on fundraising for student-athlete scholarships and the needs of athletic teams. As an affiliate of the EOU Foundation, the MAA is a private nonprofit organization. 

A surge of enthusiastic former athletes has brought fresh energy to the MAA. Tricia and Jamie Jo are among this new generation of alumni. They’ve expanded year-round events, invited recent grads to start participating right away and offer membership for just $25 a year. 

Scholarships attract top-tier athletes to EOU, and connect them to the community in an enduring way. Wider involvement, regardless of the donation amount, can help EOU athletic teams continue their winning ways. 

“I know giving can sometimes be difficult, especially the first few years after college,” Tricia said. “Personally, I haven’t been consistent in my giving since graduating from Eastern. Knowing the impact my donation can make on a student-athlete’s success means my family will continue to give yearly.”  

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