Matriculation Requirements

Students may matriculate into the CMHC program in Fall, Winter, or Spring terms once an offer of admission is made and accepted. Ongoing matriculation is dependent on the following:

  • Students must maintain an overall program GPA of 3.0 or better
  • Students must maintain a grade of S (satisfactory) in Practicum, Internship, and Advanced Internship, and a B or above in core courses
  • Students must meet the program attendance expectations as outlined in the handbook
  • Students must meet all criteria for program retention and completion
  • Students must earn satisfactory or above on all Student Continual Academic and Professionalism Evaluations (SCAPE) or successful completion of remediation
  • Students must successfully complete all capstone graduation requirements

Students making less than a B- in any course will be required to retake the course the next term that it is offered, and based on consultation with faculty, may be prevented from moving forward in the program until the course(s), with less than a B-, are successfully completed with a grade of a B or greater.  

  • If a student has the need to retake a course, because they made less than a B- in the course, they will only be allowed to retake the course once.
  • Students may only make two (2) Cs or lower in the program and subsequently be allowed to retake each course once. 
  • If upon retake, of up to two (2) courses in which a C or lower was made, each course grade remains a C or less, the student will be dismissed from the program.
  • Inclusive of all original attempts of a course and any retake, if a student earns more than two (2) or more Cs or lower, the student will be dismissed from the program

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