Commuter/Voluntary Meal Plans

Commuter and Voluntary Meal Plans

2022-2023 Plan Costs

Meal PlanDescriptionCost of Plan
Monty’s Plan110 Block Meals and $75 Flex$890
Gold Plan80 Block Meals and $75 Flex$705
Blue Plan50 Block Meals and $50 Flex$450
30 Block Plan30 Block Meals and $50 Flex$305
$250 Flex$250 Flex + $20 Additional Flex$250
$200 Flex$200 Flex + $15 Additional Flex$200
$150 Flex$150 Flex + $10 Additional Flex$150
$100 Flex$100 Flex + $5 Additional Flex$100

Block Meals be used in the Mountie Café for any meal. Flex dollars can be used in the Mountie Café and Mac’s Grill locations in place of cash. Commuter meal plans are a one-time, non-refundable charge. Commuter plans do not expire at the end of each term – they are available for use until the last day of the Spring term. Unused meals/Mountie Bucks roll over to the new term. 

If you would like to purchase a Commuter Meal Plan Contact Reslife Office

541-962-3553 or

If you are Staff or Facility of EOU to use the Payroll Deduction follow the link below.

EOU Payroll Deduct Meal Plan form here

If you have any questions or need assistance please contact Residence Life at (541) 962-3553.