Guest Policy

Guests of Current Residents

1. Residents are accountable and responsible for the conduct of their guests while on residence hall property or immediately adjacent areas, or a residence hall-sponsored or supervised activities. This is true when guests are there by the resident’s explicit invitation and also when the guests are present by the resident’s acquiescence.

2. Residents may host guests for no more than six nights in any term.

3. Residents must accompany their guests at all times.

4. The cost of repairing any damage to university property caused by guests of a resident will be charged to the resident.

5. Guests may only use the same-gender or unisex bathroom facilities.

6. All overnight guests must be registered with the RA staff in the hall’s office and may stay in the resident’s room provided there is no roommate conflict or displacement. Guest rooms may also be available by prior arrangement with the Residence Life Office.

7. During interim breaks, guest privileges will be limited.

8. EOU and Residence Life staff reserves the right to deny access to any guest whose behavior is deemed inappropriate.

9. EOU and Residence Life policies apply to all guests.

Non-Hosted Guests

1. Residence Life may provide guest housing to individuals who are affiliated with the University in some manner. Examples include students needing temporary housing (maximum two weeks), on-line students who need to come to campus, staff needing temporary housing, individuals or groups hosted by University departments.

2. Rates for guests are based on the nightly/weekly Summer Session Fees.

3. Students will be billed directly to their student account. Departments hosting groups will have the payment JVed. Other guests will be billed by third party billing through the Student Accounts. Residence Life will provide billing information to the third party biller.

4. Guests must complete the Guest Housing Registration Card upon check-in.
Upon their arrival they will receive a half page form (on back of this page) briefly outlining rules and regulations along with website referrals to the Code of Conduct and Room and Dining Contract.

5. Check-in time is between 7 p.m. and 11 p.m. unless otherwise arranged. Check-out time is by 11 a.m.