Your New Address

For those wanting to send you mail at your new address on campus, here is how they will want to address their letter, care package, etc.:

Your Name (example: John Smith)
Your Hall, Your Room # (example: Alikut Hall 305A)
One University Blvd.
La Grande, OR 97850

Retrieving Your Mail

Each resident has their own mailbox with a key that is issued at check-in. Mail is delivered after 8:30 pm on weekdays. If a resident has received a package slip, their package can be retrieved from their Hall Office during regular RA duty or in some cases, from the Shipping and Receiving department.

A resident must have their mailbox key to retrieve their mail as staff cannot retrieve it for them.

Mail Forwarding

After residents move out, their mail is forwarded to the address given to the Residence Life Office upon check-out for three months after their check-out date. It is the resident’s responsibility after moving out to change their address with people and agencies that regularly send them mail.