Dental Hygiene

Pre-Dental Hygiene at EOU

Eastern Oregon University has partnered with the ODS Companies (ODS) and Oregon Institute of Technology (OIT) to provide an Associate of Applied Science degree in dental hygiene on-site at the ODS College of Dental Sciences located in La Grande.

Students complete pre-dental hygiene prerequisite courses from EOU in either on-campus or distance education delivery format. Prerequisite coursework is taken over a one-year period, although many students expand the coursework over a two-year period due to family, work, athletics or other commitments. Students make application to ODS College of Dental Sciences while in progress of completing the prerequisite coursework.

Once accepted into the ODS College of Dental Sciences students complete an 18-month program of dental hygiene curriculum. An opportunity to complete a Bachelors of Science degree in Dental Hygiene is available from Oregon Tech’s distance education department.

Information regarding the EOU Pre-Dental Hygiene Prerequisite Check Sheet and Program Sample Plan, in addition to the ODS College of Dental Sciences, can be located at:

For complete information regarding the EOU Pre-Dental Hygiene curriculum contact:

Kimberly Mueller
Pre-Professional Health Liaison/Advising Coordinator
Badgley Hall #120

Tele: 541-962-3070



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