Pre-Dental Hygiene

EOU Prerequisite Program Overview

Pre-dental hygiene coursework may be taken from EOU either on-campus or on-line.  Prerequisite coursework is typically completed over a two-year period, however transfer students may be able to complete in a one-year period.  Students are strongly encouraged to consult with the pre-dental hygiene adviser when choosing appropriate coursework to be certain all prerequisite coursework requirements are being met.  Required coursework includes one-year sequences of human anatomy and physiology including labs and introductory chemistry with labs.  Prerequisite coursework also includes microbiology with lab, nutrition, college mathematics, general sociology, public speaking, English composition, medical terminology, and an introduction to dental hygiene course.

Frequently Asked Questions about the closing of OIT’s Dental Hygiene Program in La Grande:

  • Can I still apply for the OIT Dental Hygiene Program?
    • Yes! OIT will still offer Dental Hygiene programs in Salem and Klamath Falls.
  • Are the other OIT programs more competitive than the one in La Grande?
    • Dental Hygiene applicants to OIT from throughout Oregon have always been pooled and selected from that pool. The process remains the same. However, health career programs in general, are competitive. Because of the closure of the La Grande program, there will be fewer spots available at OIT. You can learn how to better your chances of getting in by meeting with the Healthcare Programs Coordinator.
  • What if I don’t want to go to Klamath Falls or Salem?
    • There are many other programs available in our area. (See table below.) If Dental Hygiene is your desired career you should still pursue it. It is always advised that you apply to multiple programs and be willing to move if necessary.
  • If I was planning to apply to OIT, and am now planning to apply to another school, do my prerequisites meet their requirements?
    • While prerequisites for each program are similar, there are some differences, including necessary exams at some locations. When you have selected which schools you plan on applying to, you should make an appointment, either by phone or in person, with those schools to review your transcript and application. The EOU the Healthcare Programs Coordinator can also help with this.
  • What are my options besides Dental Hygiene?
    • The prerequisites for Dental Hygiene are very similar to many other Allied Health program requirements. To understand more about the possible career options in Allied Health visit:
  • What if I am not willing to move? What are my other options?
    • The Pre-Dental Hygiene Program at EOU is very similar to the Pre-Nursing Program. In addition, the courses you have or will be taking are general education courses, and you have made progress towards degrees offered at Eastern. If you have questions about other majors or the nursing program, you should meet with your EOU advisor.
  • Will EOU continue to offer a Pre-Dental Hygiene program?
    • Yes. Any student who is interested in Dental Hygiene will be able to take the prerequisites at EOU.
  • If I have other questions, who should I contact?
    • If you are an EOU student with questions about your academic planning as it relates to your program or desired program please contact:
      Health Care Programs Coordinator
      Badgley Hall 127
      Phone: (541) 962-3070

Pre-Dental Hygiene at Eastern Oregon University
EOU offers and continues to offer courses that will prepare you to apply for multiple dental hygiene programs in our region. Pre-Dental Hygiene coursework at EOU includes:

  • BIOL 231, 232, 233:   Human Anatomy and Physiology
  • BIOL 234:   Microbiology
  • CHEM 101, 102, 103:   General and Organic Chemistry
  • MATH 111:   College Algebra
  • SCI 215, 216:   Medical Terminology
  • HWS 225:   Nutrition
  • SOC 204:   General Sociology
  • COM 112:   Public Speaking
  • WR 121, 122:   Expository Prose and Argumentative Writing

In addition to above listed coursework, dental hygiene program acceptance and preference have been given to students who demonstrate the following:
• Competitive GPAs, documented work/volunteer or shadow experience, proficient essay and interview skills, and Spanish language proficiency.
• Other program requirements may include: criminal background check, drug screening, current immunizations and CPR for Health Care Providers certified or able to be certified.
• While students may have courses in-progress at time of application, all prerequisite coursework must be complete at time of program start. For a list of nearby dental hygiene programs and additional considerations other than those listed above, please see below. (Please note that for accurate program planning each program should be contacted directly.)*

Deadlines For
Fall Program
Length of ProgramProgram TypeContact
Oregon Institute of TechnologyKlamath Falls / SalemDHE 100 and
Medical Terminology needed
March 1, 2016 for OIT
April 2016 for Dental Hygiene Program
3 yearsBachelorsJamie Powell
Portland Community CollegePortlandWR 122 not neededPCC, Prior to Dental Program Application
April 15, 2016 for Dental Hygiene Program
2 yearsAssociatesHealth Admissions Office