Hisa Sitake

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My work has developed through the experience of observing the surrounding structure and space of both the natural and man made world. As I walk through any space, I assess the visible relationship between forms and the different psychological impact they provide. The more I am surrounded by urban materials, the more the atmosphere seems to become linear, rigid, and cold.

By partnering the life energy of organic forms with the rigid structure of urban material, the atmosphere alters. My interest lies in seeing how these two different forms contrast to and resonate with one another as an integrated image, while simultaneously contemplating the balance maintained by the two worlds.

Today we seem to have overpowered the natural environment with a strong sense of control. Almost all land is owned and divided into linear sections that fulfill specific functions. The more I explore city environments, the more this tendency is evident. In contrast, it seems to me that the living organisms of the natur al world expand their territory is flexible. A mix of representational and abstract figures in my paintings and prints are used to emphasize the connection and differences between natural forms
and architectural images. Collecting insects was one of my preoccupying experiences. My interest towards studying their body structure and their life cycle are the big influences in my paintings. My sculptural pieces covey the theme by combining geometric forms and organic forms. Each material used, such as steel, wood, bronze and stone represents the essence of nature as well as that of the man-made. In particular, the process of stone carving gave me a better insight into what it is like to create a design form out of already existing natural material. The relationship among form, movement, the organization of the space, and human interaction is central to my art making process.

mantis painting 

“Metamorphosis Series: Mantis”
Acrylic on Canvas
32′ x 48′

batterfly painging 

“Metamorphisis Series: Butterfly”
Acrylic Painting
55′ x 48′

stone sculpture 

Stone and steel
15′ x 15′ x 31′