Andrew Myers

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“I had seen faces in photographs I might have found beautiful had I known even vaguely in what beauty was supposed to consist. And my father’s face, on his death-bolster, had seemed to hint at some form of aesthetics relevant to man. But the faces of the living, all grimace and flush, can they be described as objects?” – Samuel Beckett,  First Love

Can you make yourself happier just by smiling? What if you could get rid of a headache or think more clearly just by altering the look on your face?

This body of work started with my ideas of imaginary body systems that would be able to alter a person’s character or influence personality. Systems that could be added or removed to make one better able to handle stress, make decisions or speak a foreign language. A system that could change the way a person interacts with others, or compatible systems that would allow people to understand each other better. The majority of this work focuses on the face, and the way that facial expressions might alter a person, physiologically and emotionally. These drawings are attempts to visualize such systems.

As I imagined new systems of the body, I also tried to rethink my way of drawing.  Formal aspects became my main focus, such as breaking up the traditional square or rectangle, creating free form wall drawings and experimenting with non-traditional drawing mediums such as wire. The wire allowed me to explore my obsession with line yet push myself to use it differently, underlining the relationship between sculpture and drawing in my work. I began to use the wall as the picture plane, cutting the paper and extending the drawn line onto the wall itself.  These formal investigations have further informed my conceptual base and continue to inspire new work.

Andy s Drawing Perch 1 

Perch 1

mixed media

andy's drawing hunting ground 


Hunting Ground

mixed media

Nest Drawing 


mixed media