OWL Practice Draft #1

OWL Practice Draft #1

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FreshmanWR 115
Select a current trend. In an essay, explain and analyze its popularity.
One week
Mid-Process draft
How to find and correct micro-sentence-level errors
Explain why Reality TV is popular
We want to see a bit of our problems on television that hundreds of other
American people face.

Reality TV
Please add 3 asterisks * * * to the beginning of each paragraph
and double double space between paragraphs. Thanks.
Reality TV
***At the turn of the century television has gone from using actors and
written scripted shows, to unpredictable reality shows. Reality shows are
replacing actors in situation comedies and dramas with normal people, and
replacing written scripts with total surprise. Reality shows are a new
trend and Americans seem to be changing their television watching habits
by the minute. It is a known fact that televisions outnumber bathrooms in
the American household. Everyone in America seems to be glued to their
television sets.
***Why the reality trend, and what is it about reality shows that
fascinates us? What is it about watching other Americans that keeps us
concerned about shows like ìSurvivor,î ìRoad Rules,î ìThe Bachelor,î and
ìThe Real World?î We want to see a bit of our problems on television that
hundreds of other American people face.
***People want to see their problems worked out on television while
experiencing the suspense of reality. We like to compare what people do
on the reality shows with what we would do in similar situations.
Watching other people work out their ridiculous problems and situations
makes us feel better about ourselves.
***Middle class America influences a great deal in what is put out in our
television sets. Members of the American middle class no longer want to
see actors and recorded shows done on some Hollywood set. The American
public wants to see a bit of ourselves in our television set. We want to
see how normal people like us, deal with problems that hundreds of other
American people face daily. Problems like dating, love life, drugs,
loyalty, and twisted friendships keep the American public glued to the
television set.
***The producers of the reality shows play a role in keeping us on our
toes. A show will always end with a conflict waiting to be resolved.
Show after show, we are left in suspense on who is going to do what and
when. For example, in ìFear Factorî I donít think I would jump back and
forth across the top of moving semi trucks. In ìSurvivorî you never know
what tribe will win a competition, or if team members will remain loyal.
It is in suspenseful things like this that the producers, along with
minimal director cut, it seems, keeps us watching the shows.
***But still with all that in mind, what keeps us watching reality shows?
The situations and surprises in reality shows are constantly changing.
This continuous surprise and suspense are giving the shows new energy. On
ìSurvivorî millions of people turn n their televisions to see who is going
to be voted off the island. Women and men alike canít wait to see who
will get the bachelorís ring, and how each woman will react to rejection.
***After a long day at work or school, we want to feel that there are
other people in America that have the same or worse problems than the ones
we face ourselves. At the same time, it keeps us aware of the kind of
country we live in today. Whether we admit it or not, we seem to care
more about what other Americans did on reality television each day than
what actually takes place on our news broadcasts. It has gotten to the
point where reality shows take the place of local news. We are fascinated
with the phenomenon of the psyche of other people, which causes us not to
stop watching the variety of programs.
***Reality television is a phenomenal trend all on its own. Who would
have thought that putting normal people in front of a video camera would
be a huge hit? Itís new, itís different, and itís America. We want to
see ourselves, our neighbors, and the American population in general
survive, win, struggle, plot, and overcome all types of challenges. Is
this what makes the reality trend a new phenomenon? I mean, who really
knows why we are so fascinated with other peopleís personal lives? Will
the trend last? In reality, I guess only time will tell.

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