OWL Model Draft #2

OWL Model Draft #2

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SophomorePOLS 101 American National Government

Jeff Dense

Dye and Ziegler (TEXT) argue that elections are “symbolic reassurnace to
the masses”. Do you agree? Why? Why not? From your perspective, which
structural development before 1970 has had the most profound effect on the
character of elections in this country? What factor since 1970 has most
dramatically altered the shape and substance of United States elections?
If you had to advocate one chang e for the electoral system to amek
elections more than symbolic reassurance to the masses, what would your
proposal be? 750 words

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Sandra Last Name,, “The Future: Communication and Education”
THE FUTURE: Communication and Education

***Failing to communicate as a society, and allowing elections to fill our
confidence, is a lack of option as a society. Indeed elections have
become symbolic reassurances to most Americans. The (FCC) Federal
Communications Commission which was established in 1934 (1) pg. 174 has
helped arrange the ways of the mass media, and in return has changed the
way in which Americans apply their values towards elections. Computers
and the Internet, like the television, has substantially change American
lives. When applying the internet to the voting process, it rises voter
turn out, especially with voters age 18 to 24, who happen to be the age
group with the lowest turn out rate.(3) If Americans could become more
informed with the political system, their likelihood of them turning out
for elections and the likelihood of Americans understanding the process
would largely give Americans the confidence needed to vote.

***Indeed elections give the masses the symbolic reassurance that their
opinion counts. Without elections Americans would perceive their equal
rights as being taken away. Only if Americans really understood how
little they really know about the political system. With properly
informed information given to the masses, their views on elections would
change dramatically.

***The most profound effect on elections in this country would be the FCC.
For Americans, the most believable news source is the television. (1) pg
163 With 75 % of all stories on the news being negative, (2) #17
Americans are not likely to find many positive influences. How can
Americans be sure all decisions are based on accurate information when the
media is influencing the masses (1) pg 181 and the masses are using the
influence to make important decisions when voting. Since one third of
Americans base their political vote from the media, (4) personal qualities
of the candidates become very important: leadership, compassion,
character, humor and charm. (1) pg 219 As long as the media sets the
agenda (2) #17 Americans will still base their voting decisions from what
they hear and see from the media.

***Computers with the Internet have dramatically changed American lives.
The power of computers and the internet when applied to elections has
opened up a hole new world.(4) Technology is here to stay and almost no
effort has been make to up date the voting ways.(5) Badly out dated
voting machines and no attempt to up date voting technology, this is not
likely to increase voter turn out or help make voting more convenient.(5)
All voting systems, old and new must be evaluated. Appling the
computer/internet to the voting system makes elections more accurate and
efficient. In no way will the computer and the Internet replace waiting
in line, but it gives Americans an optional method and makes it easier for
some people to vote. Using the internet for voting encourages more people
to vote and ensures that very vote counts.(5) The computer and the
internet has been a major and obvious step forward. The American
government needs to take the steps needed to ensure that practical
problems of online voting can and will be overcome. The Internet is here
to stay, it should be used to its fullest extent in the political system.
Using today&#8217;s technology to educate our selves about politics (2)
#18 has given Americans more confidence when voting.

***The electoral system could make one change that would bring more than
symbolic reassurances to the masses, that is to educate Americans. The
larger number voters are said to be wealthier better educated, and the
poor, less-well-educated, are turning out in lower numbers.(5) No one has
ever said you must be wealthy to vote, but being educated in the political
system is a must. Voting should be a civic duty.(5) For Americans to
believe in civic duty, education of the electoral system as well as the
history and future of our county must start very early in our educational
system. The conditions under which students learn will affect their
success and values.(6) Involving parents in the school learning
activities will educate the parents as well as the children.(6) Educating
our future generation and generations to come, will only make American a
better place for everyone.

***Communication and education will give Americans the knowledge to make
confident decisions when voting. Americans looking beyond the media for
informed information on elections will help them make more accurate
decisions. The future power of computers with the Internet will put the
voting process one step forward. Education is the only way to give
Americans the confidence needed to make accurate voting decisions. Using
technology and our educational system to better inform society will make
America a better place for everyone.

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