eTutoring Replaces the OWL

Subject: News about Online Writing Tutoring (sent via Teaching Faculty group mail on April 1, 2013)

At the end of the Winter term, the server on which the Online Writing Lab (OWL) resided was decommissioned, and the OWL ceased to exist. Western eTutoring Consortium (WeTC), which was recently introduced by the Learning Center to provide content tutoring to online and on-site students, will now serve this student population by providing asynchronous writing tutoring (similar to OWL responses) in the eWriting Lab.

Teaching Faculty should note that eWriting tutors will not provide Blue Slips* for online students as OWL tutors have done in the past. However, if you want students to provide evidence of having submitted a paper to an eWriting tutor, the student can request a verification email from the Writing Center at that shows the dates and times the student submitted a paper and received a response.

Online and on-site students can access the EOU eTutoring site on the Student webpage or at In addition, students can schedule a time to meet with a an EOU writing tutor for synchronous online tutoring (SOT-Writing) via text or video chat. Instructions are on the Writing Center website at

As with the OWL, please do not send an entire class to eTutoring or SOT-Writing. Instead, refer students who need writing support, and inform all students of the availability of online writing tutoring through eTutoring.

If you have any questions about eTutoring, please contact Donna Evans (2-3465, or Kathryn Shorts (2-3281).

*The Writing Center will continue its practice of issuing Blue Slips on-campus to students who request them.