Weekend Colleges at EOU

Weekend Colleges

Weekend College (WEC) courses are regularly offered onsite at EOU regional centers across the state. The credit value of the courses may vary, but most are 2 or 3 credits. WEC’s usually meet for one weekend on Friday evening and all day Saturday (Sunday, too, if it’s a 3 credit course), with additional pre- or post-coursework delivered through Canvas. Many disciplines offer these courses, and most courses may be used for major requirements and/or General Education graduation requirements. Contact your academic advisor with any questions about how these WEC’s might work best for you. Go to Mountie Hub for all individual WEC course details and to register!

General Education Abbreviations:
AEH – Aesthetics and Humanities
APC – Artistic Process and Creation
SMI – Natural, Mathematical & Informational Sciences
SSC – Social Sciences
GTW – Gateway

FALL 2021


APEL 390 – Assessment Prior Experiential Learning – 36760 – 102

This class offers instruction on the preparation of a learning essay packet designed to demonstrate the knowledge a student had acquired through work experience and other formal or informal learning. APEL involves the documentation of learning experiences which were not under a college’s sponsorship, but are deemed equivalent to college-level learning; i.e., on-the-job experience, community service, personal study, travel or training sponsored by an agency other than a college.

Location: This class is a weekend college that will be held in person, onsite at Chemeketa Community College 4000 Lancaster Dr NE, Salem, OR 97305 in Building 8, Room
Credits: 4
Date & Time: November 05, Friday (9am-5pm) | November 06, Saturday (9am-5pm)
Instructor: Walters, Terry
Pre-Req: None


SOC 374 – Food and Society *SSC – 37338 – 101

This course is designed to help students think about technology. Most of us are users of technology, but few have reflected on it sufficiently to examine it critically, its effects on our lives, our work, our environment, our consumption patterns, even our thought processes. Yet it affects every facet of our lives, and also affects the lives of people across the globe through a chain of production, consumption, and disposal. The class will focus on technology and history, culture, environment, scale, systems, change, and the future, with special emphasis on the `smart phone.

Location: Remote
Credits: 2
Date & Time: October 15, Friday (6– 9pm) | October 16, Saturday (9am – 5pm)
Instructor: Puentes, Jennifer
Pre-Req: None


COM 330 – Are You Listening *AEH – 36816 – 101

This course provides students with the theoretical foundation and the practical skills to examine and alter their ability to listen within the personal and professional setting.

Location: Remote
Credits: 3
Date & Time: November 12, Friday (5pm – 7pm) | November 13, Saturday (9am – 5pm) | November 14, Sunday (9am – 5pm)
Instructor: Rockey, Joshua
Pre-Req: None


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