Weekend Colleges at EOU

Weekend College (WEC) courses are regularly offered at EOU. The credit value of the courses may vary, but most are 2 or 3 credits. WEC’s usually meet for one weekend on Friday evening and all day Saturday (Sunday, too, if it’s a 3 credit course), with additional pre- or post-coursework delivered through Canvas. Many disciplines offer these courses, and most courses may be used for major requirements and/or General Education graduation requirements. Contact your academic advisor with any questions about how these WEC’s might work best for you. Go to Mountie Hub for all individual WEC course details and to register!

General Education Abbreviations:
AEH – Aesthetics and Humanities
APC – Artistic Process and Creation
SMI – Natural, Mathematical & Informational Sciences
SSC – Social Sciences
GTW – Gateway


Art 310- Concert Photography – 96335- 101

Experience the excitement and challenges of shooting live music in person while developing advanced photojournalism and low-light photography skills. Students will learn a history of live music photography during online sessions, and develop technical and compositional ability while shooting live in the field at Treefort Music Fest 2022 in Boise, Idaho. Festival pass included with course upon check-in in Boise. Required meetings: Mar 19, Apr 2 (online), March 25-26 (Boise). For serious photographers only. Personal DSLR highly recommended.

Location: Remote, Boise
Credits: 2
Date & Time: March 19 (9am-12pm); March 25 – 26; April 2 (9am-12pm)
Instructor: Sell, Michael
Pre-Req: ART 260 or ART 261, or permission from instructor

APEL 390 –  Portfolio Devel – 95514 – 102

This class offers instruction on the preparation of a learning essay packet designed to demonstrate the knowledge a student had acquired through work experience and other formal or informal learning. APEL involves the documentation of learning experiences which were not under a college’s sponsorship, but are deemed equivalent to college-level learning; i.e., on-the-job experience, community service, personal study, travel or training sponsored by an agency other than a college.

Location: EOU-Salem on the Chemeketa Community College campus, 4000 Lancaster NE, Salem, OR. Building 8 Room 204
Credits: 4
Date & Time: May 13 (9am-5pm); May 14 (9am-5pm)
Instructor: Walters, Terry
Pre-Req: None

COM 325 –  Intercultural Communications *AEH – 96101 – 101

This course examines how communication behavior differs among cultures in various contexts such as workplace, school, healthcare, and diplomacy. Students learn to be adaptive different worldviews, meaning system, stereotypes, and ethnocentric behavior. Major issues such as identity, ethnocentrism, and multiculturalism will be discussed. Prerequisite: Must have at least sophomore standing to register for this course.

Location: Remote
Credits: 3
Date & Time: April 29 (7pm-10pm); April 30 (9am-5pm); May 1 (9am-5pm)
Instructor: Rockey, Joshua
Pre-Req: None

COM 330 –  Are You Listening *AEH – 95724 – 101

This course provides students with the theoretical foundation and the practical skills to examine and alter their ability to listen within the personal and professional setting.

Location: Remote
Credits: 3
Date & Time: May 13 (7pm-9pm); May 14 (9am-5pm) ; May 15 (9am-5pm)
Instructor: Rocky, Joshua
Pre-Req: Sophomore standing

SOC 344 –  Selling The News *SSC – 96226 – 101

This course provides students with the theoretical foundation and the practical skills to examine and alter their ability to listen within the personal and professional setting.

Location: Remote
Credits: 2
Date & Time: April 22 (5pm-9pm); April 23 (8am-5pm)
Instructor: Grigsby, William
Pre-Req: N/A

BIOL 343 – Future of Genetics *SMI – 95723 – 101

This course is designed to acquaint non-biology majors with the important technology, methods, and major social ramifications of genetic engineering and DNA work. The course will also focus on demystifying genetic engineering and offering a competent general; understanding of the technology involved. Topics will include a background in molecular genetics, gene cloning methods, genetic engineering of crop plants and animals, genetic engineering in medicine and industry, diagnosis and treatment of human genetic diseases, and ethical and legal implications of molecular genetics.

Location: Remote
credits: 2
Date & Time: May 6 (7pm-10pm); May 7 (9am-5pm)
Instructor: John E Rinehart
Pre-Req: At least sophomore standing

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