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“Honestly there was so much talent and acts of all kinds, magicians, artists, musicians, comedians, etc. There was a juggler/comedian who I thought was funny, the magicians were impressive,” shared Hunter Schiess, an Eastern Student Entertainment (ESE) event coordinator. From magicians to musicians, and everything in between, the ESE event coordinators got to witness an […]

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Arts,Student and Community Art

Eastern Oregon University’s Art Club collaborated with HQ Event Center to host the first off-campus student artist gallery exhibition outside of a class structure. The Divergent Exhibition ran from April 6 to March 6 at HQ on 112 Depot Street in downtown La Grande.  Mary Edwards, senior Art major and active EOU Art Club member, […]

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Arts,News,Student and Community Art

The Annual High School Art Exhibition at Nightingale Gallery on Eastern Oregon University’s campus hosts numerous works of art from 15 high schools in the surrounding area. Each student can submit up to two works, and all pieces get accepted into the show, thus leading to roughly about 300 artworks in the gallery every year. […]

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Throughout the first few months of 2020, the media and most people’s lives have been consumed by the coronavirus (COVID-19). Colleges across the country are actively trying to figure out how to continue the school year while also keeping students and staff safe. Eastern Oregon University is no different. They’ve been meeting with their Crisis […]

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For 22 years, Shelter from the Storm, a nonprofit organization, had been raising money by holding an Annual Soup Supper. This has become one of their main community fundraisers. Shelter from the Storm’s mission is to end the cycle of domestic and sexual violence.  Shelter from the Storm relies heavily on donations and community support […]

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CEAD Conference
EOU CEAD Conference

On Saturday, the 9th annual Celebrate, Educate, Appreciate, Diversity Conference (CEAD) was held at Eastern Oregon University. The main objectives for this conference are for students to learn about power, privilege, biases, and stereotypes while gaining an understanding of differences in backgrounds, beliefs, and perspectives of other students.  Eastern Oregon University invited keynote speaker Dr. […]

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