EOU Publications Policy

Any University publication or material bearing the name “Eastern Oregon University,” or its seal or logo, must comply with the policies of the Oregon http://www.ous.edu/board/State Board of Higher Education and Oregon Law ORS 351.00, which authorizes responsibility for publications, public information and advertising to the Board of Higher Education. The Oregon State Board of Higher Education delegates this responsibility to the Chancellor and through him to the individual institutions and their Presidents.

In a typical year, many printed pieces will be published by Eastern Oregon University, representing a considerable investment of dollars and time. Some of these pieces are regular publications funded in the budget of the Office of University Advancement. Others are special requests from various offices and academic schools funded through their individual budgets.

1. The Office of University Advancement will serve as the contact and coordinating office for all publications intended to be used off-campus or for external audiences. Following is a list, not intended to be all-inclusive, of publication materials: brochures, flyers, posters, athletic programs, advertisements, news and information releases, public service announcements, slide presentations, films, videos, and displays. The policy thus includes presentations and related publication material for all institutional publications initiated by faculty, staff, students, or service clubs.

2. All publications bearing the name “Eastern Oregon University,” its seal or logo and/or intended for external audiences must conform to the standards of excellence as established by EOU.

3. Whatever the origin of each piece or the budget to which it will be charged, all publications meant for outside distribution are to be channeled through the Office of University Advancement for consistency, content, approval, specifications and production.

4. By using this central office, the university is able to support the key strategic goal of increasing EOU’s external visibility and enhancing its position in the higher education marketplace. Additionally, the Office of University Advancement is charged with maintaining a high standard of quality and appearance at the best cost possible. Ultimately, an effective publication will be a successful communication piece, which provides solutions and aids the entire university.

5. The Office of University Advancement is responsible for publishing news releases and policy statements.

6. The student newspaper, Oregon East, and other student-developed materials are under the jurisdiction of the Media Board. This policy is not intended to restrict or to be used in the base of student-developed material. The student newspaper and Oregon East are student publications rather than institutional publications.

7. Publications involving content directly related to a University office or division but initiated by a different campus entity will need to be reviewed for accuracy by the appropriate vice president or dean or their designee.

8. All advertisements of University events that involve alcoholic beverages will be reviewed by the Vice President for University Advancement to insure that violations of statutes or Administrative Rules do not occur.