University Property Naming Policy

Occasionally, Eastern Oregon University seeks to recognize the efforts and contributions of individuals and/or organizations by naming university property in their honor. This policy establishes a uniform and consistent procedure to gain university approval and to record and document these names for property both on and off campus. University approval is required before the naming of any university property.


University property is defined as all areas on and off campus that are owned and the responsibility of the University in accordance with state statute and/or administrative rules. These areas include but are not limited to:

  • Outdoor architectural elements: open spaces, fields, furniture, trees, streets, equipment, parking lots, and sheds
  • Small interior spaces: classrooms, offices, general or specific-purpose rooms, hallways, and similar spaces.
  • Large interior spaces: lecture classrooms, foyers and lobbies, gymnasiums, museums, computer labs, etc.
  • Buildings and facilities: Structures such as stadiums, academic buildings, residence halls, student facilities, office buildings or other university structures.

Selection of Names

Oregon Administrative Rules, Chapter 580-50-025 “Naming Buildings After Persons,” does not allow the naming of any building or structure after a living person. It allows “exceptions to be considered or made if a donor contributes a substantial share of the cost of the construction or for other unusually meritorious cause.” The Oregon State Board of Higher Education must approve naming buildings for living persons after receiving approval of the EOU President.

Current university officers and employees are not eligible for naming opportunities.

Exceptions to the University Property Naming Policy are allowed only when specifically approved by the President.

Modification or Relocation of Property and Names

As the functions of University property change or are altered over time, it may become necessary to relocate, modify or reallocate named university property. In the event that such modifications are required or recommended, appropriate college deans and university administrators will be involved in early planning to insure that the original purpose of the naming, and the donor’s wishes, if built with private funds, are preserved as appropriate.


All exterior and interior signage will conform to the University master plan and maintain consistency with current signage.


Requests for approval of naming should be submitted in writing [by the dean or director] to the Office of University Advancement and include the following details:

  • Purpose/Rationale
  • Specifics to the proposed naming – the nature of the gift and/or meritorious activity.
  • Specific identification of property to be named – location and description
  • Ongoing or expected maintenance
  • Fundraising or donor intent component
  • Connection to institutional master plan
  • Proposed duration of naming
  • Associated costs – staff time, equipment and resources, signage, etc.
  • Financial resources – private gifts, state or federal funding, grant.

University Advancement will review the proposal and submit a recommendation to the President’s Executive Cabinet for review and recommendation to the President. Following approval by the President and/or State Board of Higher Education, the party submitting said proposal will be notified and arrangements will be made for a formal announcement. Individuals may not commit the University to namings before formal acceptance by the President.

[Responsible for Accuracy: Tim Seydel, University Advancement, Last Verified: 2/11/2005]