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Title IX and Athletics

No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any educational program or activity receiving Federal Financial assistance.

Athletics Compliance Areas

  • Participation
    • whether the selection of sports and the levels of competition effectively accommodate the interests and abilities of both sexes
  • Scholarships
    • whether men and women are provided equitable amounts of scholarship aid
  • Treatment and benefits provided to Male and Female athletes

In order to comply with Title IX an institution must meet all three parts, however there is flexibility within the three areas.


In order to determine whether an institution’s selection of sports and the levels of competition effectively accommodate the interests and abilities of both sexes, the Office of Civil Rights requires that it satisfy at least one of the following three tests:

  • Does the institution provide intercollegiate level participation opportunities for male and female students in numbers substantially proportionate to their respective enrollments, or
  • Does the institution have a history and continuing practice of program expansion which is demonstrably responsive to the developing interests and abilities of the members of the underrepresented sex, or
  • Does the institution’s present program fully and effectively accommodate the interests and abilities of the members of the underrepresented sex?


  • Definitions of Participation differs for purposes of scholarship analysis
    • count student athletes once regardless how many sports they play
    • determine % of male to female athletes
    • if 50% of athletes are female then 50% of scholarships should go to females
    • any disparity in excess of 1% raises an inference of discrimination
  • Other benefits and opportunities
    • equipment and supplies
    • scheduling
    • travel and per diem
    • tutors
    • coaches
    • facilities
    • medical and training services
    • housing
    • publicity
    • support services
    • recruiting

These areas have many sub components but in general you look at: are the disparities, if any significant? Does the difference in benefits or services have a negative impact on athletes of one sex when compared with benefits and services available to athletes of the other sex?

Significant Disparity: so substantial as to deny equal opportunity of one sex

Non-significant: evidence to be evaluated

Permissible Differences

  • Unique aspects of particular sports are recognized
    • recruitment
    • event management costs
    • equipment
    • publicity issues
    • compensation issues
    • medical issues

Title IX law is under continual review by the Division of Athletics. We are committed to providing the best possible programs for male and female athletes.


Title IX Coordinator, Colleen Dunne-Cascio, 541-962-3476, titleIX@eou.edu, Inlow Hall 113A

Deputy Title IX Coordinator, Kaki Morehead, Head Women’s Volleyball Coach, 541-962-3687, kmclean@eou.edu, Quinn 133D

Deputy Title IX Coordinator, Chris McLaughlin, Human Resources Director, 541-962-3516, cjmclaughlin@eou.edu, Inlow Hall #209




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