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Theatre Policies

  • Effective fall 2012, all Theatre scholarship students are required to audition for each main stage production. If, for some reason, a student is not able or does not want to participate in a particular production, he/she must meet with the production’s director BEFORE the day of the audition. Each student will still be required to audition even if he/she is not going to be considered for a role. Auditioning is an educational element of the theatre program at EOU and all students should participate at every opportunity.
  • Effective fall 2012,  any actor auditioning for any EOU Theatre program will be required to submit a resume and headshot at the time of his/her audition. If a student does not understand the process of creating a resume and headshot, he/she can contact any of the theatre program faculty.
  • Effective fall 2012,  any actor auditioning for a role in a main stage production will be required to dress appropriately for the audition. Appropriateness of dress will be outlined by each director on the audition announcement.