Three Changes

threechangesThree Changes

Nicky Silver


May 1, 2, and 3 at 7:00 pm



Nate and Laurel are a seemingly happy couple living on New York’s Upper West Side, busy, content and comfortable—until the surprising arrival of Hal, Nate’s long-lost brother. A once-successful television writer, Hal is just out of rehab. He’s out of cash and alone in the world. But what seems to be a casual visit, a chance to reconnect, is quickly revealed to be something much more ominous. As he attempts to write his first novel, Hal insidiously usurps Nate’s place in the home. He unearths long-buried feelings in Laurel and adds to the household by bringing in a young man, a runaway, who seems to somehow complete the family. A family that ultimately has no place for Nate. And as the play builds to its climax, we understand that these two men, these brothers who have tried to find a way to love each other, are locked in a battle that will cost one of them their life.

“A born playwright, Nicky Silver is a creator of language that unscrolls across the stage like luminous skywriting. His instinctive theatrical gracefulness is still in evidence in THREE CHANGES, [which] considers the hunger for a cohesive family in a fragmented world.” —NY Times

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