How to Establish a Testing Proctor

A portion of EOU Online courses require you to take exam(s) under proctored supervision.  A proctor is a person who meets EOU qualifications and has been approved via the EOU Testing Center.  The proctor’s responsibility is to provide a location in public (the proctor’s office, library, school, etc.), check your picture ID, allow you access to your course exam(s), and assures your professor that the assigned exam restrictions will be applied.

The Testing Center has a large list of already established proctors in the database.  If you would like to see what might be available in your area, please email us at to let us know that you are looking for a proctor and would like to see what we have listed for your zip code area.  We will then reply with a list of possible proctors in your area to contact and see if they are willing to help and can work out a testing schedule with you.

If you live in Oregon, please click the following link to see if we have an EOU Regional Center within your reach.  These Regional Centers are both your advising and test proctoring resources.  When using the Regional Centers as your proctor, you do NOT have to submit an Exam Request form; but you will want to contact them to schedule a testing appointment.

You may also select your own proctor.  Approved proctors can be instructors or administrators at a college, university, public or private school teachers, librarians, etc.  This list of qualifications is very strict and can be viewed at the top of the Proctor Information form.  After we receive the Proctor Info form, the proctor’s information is then reviewed and confirmed via the web page for the proctor’s work site, and then entered into our database for your current and future use.

You also have the choice of having your exams proctored at home through ProctorU.  With this company, you can schedule a time of your convenience and be proctored via remote Internet access.  You will need your computer set up with microphone and camera.  To learn more about ProctorU, please visit their web site.


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