Project Submission & Report Guidelines (Proposal submission process completed for 2011-12))

Eastern Oregon University Technology Grant Committee
Project Submission And Project Reporting Guidelines

Funding recommendations for the 2011-12 Academic Year have been completed.


Please read these guidelines carefully before submitting pre-proposal or proposal.

Tech Grant Pre-Proposal Planning Form – online submission – (due November 7, 2011)

Tech Grant Proposal Submission Form – pdf format  – (due December 5, 2011)

Tech Grant Proposal Submission Form – MS Word format  – (due December 5, 2011)


General Requirements:

Any project proposal submitted to the Technology Grant Committee for recommendation to the Provost for funding by tech-fee monies must originate from a sponsoring campus group or administrative unit and have the review of the relevant campus administrative unit (i.e., department head and dean, Student Activities Director, VP for Student Affairs, or the Provost) and the Information Technology Department prior to submission to the committee.

Any proposal must support quality student learning. Faculty use of proposal resources is limited to preparation and direct support of student activity unless the proposal is directed to a general increase in the technology capability of the campus.

Any proposal must include a rationale for the use of project resources, a list of the components, a projected cost, where the equipment will be housed (if applicable), what administrative unit will be responsible for security and maintenance of the the equipment, and an estimate of the projected use of the project resources by students.


Specific Requirements—

The list of components must be specific enough to allow an accurate estimate of the cost of the project. The component list will include any and all costs associated with the project including but not limited to: hardware, software, infrastructure changes, technical support, and student wages. The proposal will also include a realistic estimate of installation cost, time, and methodology.

The proposal must indicate specifically where the project resources will be housed and what administrative unit is responsible for security, maintenance, and student access to the resources.

The proposal must estimate the number of students who will directly or indirectly utilize the resources of the project, the intensity of projected use, the degree programs affected, and the class level of students affected.


Criteria for recommendation of a project.

A project will be recommended on a priority basis based on the following criteria if it meets the initial requirements noted above:

•  To what degree will the proposal improve and enrich the quality of students’ curriculum and learning?

•  To what degree will the proposal support the goals, aims, and strategic initiatives of the University?
•  Number of students directly affected by the proposal.
•  Creation of a new capacity not currently available to students.
•  Enhancement of an existing capacity available to students.
•  Cost.
Note:  Higher priority will be given to proposals which provide cost share or matching (cash/in kind),
demonstrate leverage by joint project funding from another source, and/or demonstrate that the ongoing maintenance, operation or replacement costs of the equipment purchased with tech grant funds will be provided by non tech fee funds.

Procedure for submission of a proposal to the Technology Grant Committee.

  1. Review the General and Specific Requirements, the Evaluation Criteria (listed above), and the Tech Grant Proposal Submission Form.  If you believe you have a project that meets the proposal requirements, begin your planning.
  2. Before you invest a great deal of time in planning and proposal development, consult with your Chair, Dean or Vice President.  Make sure it fits your departmental, college, and institutional development plans.  They will have to approve your proposal before it is submitted to the Technology Grant Committee.  There are two main thrusts to your planning:  (a) to what degree will the proposal improve and enrich the quality of students’ curriculum and learning?  (b) to what degree will the proposal support the goals, aims, and strategic initiatives of the University?
  3. Plan to consult with the IT department whether or not you know what equipment you want, including all the associated technology (software, wiring, networks, etc.), and the initial and ongoing costs of installation, maintenance, operation, repair, replacement, etc.  The IT department will help ensure that you are proposing the right equipment, and know what it takes to install, operate and maintain it.  The IT department will have to approve your proposal before it is submitted to the Technology Grant Committee.  It is wise to discover any potential problems early in the process.
  4. Complete the online Tech Grant Pre-Proposal Planning Form.  This will provide the Technology Grant Committee, Information Technology Department and the Head of your Administrative Unit a brief explanation and estimated dollar amount of your proposal.  The Pre-Proposal Planning Form is due by November 7, 2011.
  5. Complete the Tech Grant Proposal Submission Form.  Carefully consider questions 1 through 8 on the application.  If you cannot answer questions 2, 3, 5 and 7 in an affirmative, convincing manner, then your proposal may not meet the general and specific proposal requirements, and you should reconsider your proposal.
  6. If you have successfully worked your way through steps 1 through 5 above, and have answered questions 1 through 7 in the application, then budget questions 9 and 10 will fall together easily.  Bear in mind that Tech Fee proposal funds are limited, and we receive more proposal applications than we can fund.  Higher priority is given to proposals which (a) provide matching funds (cash or in kind) for labor, or the purchase, maintenance, operation or replacement costs of equipment, or (b) demonstrate leverage by joint proposal funding from another source.
  7. You are responsible for completing the Tech Grant Proposal Submission Form and obtaining necessary signatures from the appropriate chair or department head; Dean/VP; and Director of IT.  Once completed and signed, the Proposal Submission Form should be delivered to Helen Moore, Information Technology Department, Ackerman Hall 209, prior to 5:00pm, December 5, 2011.


Time line for Tech-Grant committee submissions, 2011-2012.

• October 12th – First Technology Grant meeting of the academic year
•  November 7th – Pre-Proposals due (reviewed by appropriate Dean or Department head and IT Dept.)
•  December 5th – Final Proposals due
•  Early January – Committee begins considering proposals
•  Mid February – Decision on funding proposals is complete

An EMERGENCY PROPOSAL is defined as a request resulting from an unexpected occurrence that demands immediate action for an existing computing (or other equipment) problem that makes the equipment unavailable for student use.  Emergency proposals are accepted as necessary throughout the year.


Record keeping procedures and reporting requirements.

•  It is the responsibility of the originating group to clearly account for the use of tech-grant funds expended on their project. This responsibility includes creation and maintenance of a project file documenting all project fiscal activity. The file will include copies of all purchase orders, receipts of purchases, payroll receipts, service contracts, and documentation of any other use of funds on the project. A project completion report will also be included. The file will be submitted to the Tech-grant committee upon completion of the project. Project files will be maintained by the University, housed in the Provost’s Office administrative files area, for five years after project completion.
•  It is also the responsibility of the originating group to inform the Technology Grant Committee about the progress of their project. This requirement includes an informal progress report to one of the tech-grant committee co-chairs during the course of the project, an annual report to the Technology Grant Committee for works in progress that overlap fiscal years, and a project completion report. The project completion report summarizes all project fiscal activity and is included in the project file submitted to the committee on project completion.



Project Completion Report Form (MS Word format) click here

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