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Tech Grant Media Library     

The Media Library’s function is to house all portable Tech Grant equipment in one area. This will keep all portable Tech Grant equipment safe, secure, and available for students to check out when needed. The contents, policies, and guidelines of the Media Library will be determined by the Tech Grant Committee, in consultation with Program Faculty and Media Services. The Tech Grant Media Library will be administered by the EOU Library in coordination with IT Media Services.

New equipment requested by faculty will first go to that faculty member for evaluation. The faculty member will then provide the Media Library/Audiovisual staff with specifics on how equipment packages are to be packaged and checked out. These specifics will include itemized checklists (i.e.: component list, power-up check, copies of manuals, etc.) to be used at check-in and checkout. Equipment that does not need specific setup by faculty will be evaluated and set up by Audiovisual Services or other appropriate staff.


Conditions of Use

The Tech Grant Media Library equipment will only be checked out to current Eastern Oregon University students. Students must show a current, valid EOU ID card. Students not registered for the current term will not be able to check equipment out.

Students will be required to be on a list of qualified users. Students may be able to qualify to use equipment by passing an equipment-specific, written or verbal skill test provided by Program Faculty or Media Library staff. Students will also be required to read, agree to, and sign forms stating their understanding and acceptance of the Media Library terms and conditions. Students and Media Library staff will examine equipment and sign forms when checking equipment out and back in.

Some equipment may be restricted to the use of students in a specific program or class (See Extended Loan and Program Priority Reserve below). Some equipment may also require the student to receive qualification from Faculty before checking it out. Faculty will be required to provide Media Library staff with a list of qualified students in either case prior to those students checking out equipment. Students not on the list will be denied equipment.

Faculty responsible for teaching students to use the equipment may check out equipment for up to one week for purposes directly relating to instructional need, such as learning new equipment, in-class training, or demonstration for instructional purpose only. Faculty will be responsible for providing justification for this use.

Equipment will only be for student academic use. Tech Grant Media Library equipment will only be used for purposes consistent with Tech Media policies as stated in these Guidelines, the Tech Grant Committee Charge and Standing Rule, Oregon University System Administrative rules, and Oregon state law.

The Tech Grant Media Library reserves the right to charge for late, broken, or missing equipment. Students will be informed of the equipment’s replacement cost and their liability for replacement/repair on checkout.

The Media Library reserves the right to deny the use of equipment to anyone for reasons relating to academic or financial standing, equipment safety/security, appropriate use, or other justifiable reason.


Equipment Checkout and Check-in

Equipment can only be checked in or out from the Media Library staff during designated hours (determined each term and posted), not including holidays and other EOU closures.

A normal loan period is three days, however some High Demand equipment may only be checked out for a single day at a time. Lesser-used items may be checked out for up to seven calendar days. On occasion, Program Faculty may have to reduce length of reservation periods due to equipment shortages or high demand. Media Loan staff will not change any rules without first consulting Program Faculty and Tech Grant Committee.

Any equipment checked out on a Friday should be returned the following Monday. In case of a Monday holiday or other closure, the equipment should be returned the first business day following the weekend. If the closure is longer than seven calendar days, or if the equipment is on a restricted time list, a special reservation or exception will be required to keep the equipment checked out over the longer period of time.

The person checking out/in any equipment should arrive at Media Library desk in Pierce at least 20 minutes before the end of the Media checkout hours of operation to allow for the proper procedures and paperwork. When checking out large amounts of equipment, allowance should be made for additional time to have the equipment properly checked out or in.

During the academic term, equipment will be loaned out from the first day of the term until the Wednesday of Finals Week.  Borrowing between terms will require a written exception to the Media Library policy. The Media Library staff will require written justification of the user’s needs, a Faculty member’s signature verifying the user’s request, and a receipt or proof that the user has fully paid tuition for the following term.


Reserving Equipment

Equipment may be reserved up to two weeks in advance. The Media Loan Library staff will make every effort to ensure reservations will be met, however reservations are not guaranteed, due to late return of equipment or equipment breakage.

High Demand or limited equipment may not be reserved for more than two weekends in a row, and may be subject to other restrictions.

Reservations will be honored on a first come, first served basis except as provided in the Program Priority Reserve.


Extended Loan and Program Priority Reserve

There may be some exceptions made to the normal loan agreement. Extended loans for students can be made for up to 5 weeks or until the end of the term, whichever is shorter. Students are required to have written justification of their need for an extended loan, as well as a Faculty member’s signature.

Faculty can put in requests for a Program Priority Reserve, which means that students from that specific program/class will have priority to reserve the specified equipment during the specified time period, usually the term the related class is being taught. The Faculty member originating the Tech Grant request will have first priority for creating a Program Priority Reserve list. Qualified students not on the Program Priority Reserve list may check out equipment when it is not in use for the students on the Reserve list, providing that does not interfere with the completion of Reserve list student’s coursework. Other reservation requests will be honored on a first come, first served basis.

Other restrictions made in consultation with Program Faculty and Tech Grant Committee may also apply.


Revised October 7, 2010

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