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Eastern Oregon University Technology Grant Committee Charge and Membership


       The Technology Grant committee solicits, receives, and evaluates Technology Resource Fee Fund proposals making recommendations to the Provost on priority investments that support quality student learning and that are consistent with the stated goals and strategic initiatives of the University. In evaluating proposals, the committee is to give foremost emphasis to two questions: 1) to what degree will the proposal improve and enrich the quality of students’ curriculum and learning? 2) to what degree will the proposal support the goals, aims, and strategic initiatives of the University? Based upon the Committee’s analyses and recommendations, the Provost makes decisions for implementation.

The committee must think toward the future, always assessing what will be needed, always connected to the wider purposes of the University through collaboration with the division of Information Technology.  A clear mandate is to consider the overall health and well being of the University’s technology infrastructure in terms of maintenance of previously funded Technology Resource Fee proposals, the ongoing costs associated with computer laboratory supervision, and replacement of funded equipment.  The Committee must also consider the role of research and development in experimenting with new technological applications.

The committee will adopt procedures, general principles, and guidelines for consideration of proposed uses of the Technology Resource Fee Fund. Included will be the principle that the funds will only be used to support technological applications and services of benefit to students as part of their participation in University life. The committee will actively elicit student generated proposals in cooperation with the student government. The needs of all students are to be considered by the committee. The committee will receive proposals following procedures that it adopts; the committee may also initiate preparation of proposals.

The Committee must develop a solid recommendation associated with policies related to maintenance, repair, and replacement of Technology Resource Fee funded technology.


      The committee is appointed by the Provost after consultation with the ASEOU President. The committee will consist of five faculty (with representation from each college), five students, and one representative from the University’s Information Technology division.

Appointments are for three years. The ASEOU President will recommend student members and designate the vice-chair of the committee. The chair will be a faculty member appointed by the Provost after consultation with the ASEOU President.

The committee may solicit participation by other resource representatives of the University community as the committee finds appropriate to its needs.

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