NSE – Plan

National Student Exchange – Plan

Pick up your Application 2014 TODAY from the International Student Progrmas office, Inlow 109E.

Finding a campus:

1.  Pick up your free NSE directory – Inlow 109E

2.  After visiting the NSE Web www.nse.org, “member campus” link, and reading the directory, choose at least 3 schools that interest you.

3.  Make an appointment with the EOU – NSE Coordinator to discuss potential exchange options.

4.   Visit with your academic advisor regarding your plans to study away!

5.  Make an appointment with the Carolyn Prescott, cprescot@eou.edu in the Financial Aid Office to discuss financial matters.

After Placement:

  • Meet with the NSE coordinator and complete the Placement Acceptance Form (PAF).
  • Complete instructions given directly to you by the host institution for admission, registration, and housing.
  • Schedule your travel plans and notify the host coordinator of your arrival date.
  • Update your mailing address and other contact info in your Webster.


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