VPSA Statement

Vice President for Student Affairs Statement


Welcome to Eastern Oregon University! We want to provide you with information to navigate a safe college experience at EOU. As a student in our campus community, we want you to be aware of an all-too-common problem occurring on university campuses across the nation: sex without consent. This goes by other names such as sexual assault, date rape, acquaintance rape, or stranger rape but regardless of the name, any sexual contact that occurs without consent is not only a criminal offense, but also a violation of EOU’s Student Code of Conduct. EOU takes “sex without consent” behavior very seriously.

There are many underlying societal myths regarding rape and sexual assault, but being a victim of this behavior is not your fault.  Victims of “sex without consent,” however, frequently tend to feel ashamed, guilty, depressed, angry, helpless, and anxious. This is especially true if the crime was committed by someone they knew and trusted.

EOU will not pursue a substance abuse (including alcohol) conduct violation against a student who reports being a victim of a sexual assault or harassment incident, and who may have violated the student code of conduct substance use policy in connection with their complaint/report.

Our commitment to providing a safe and secure environment for our students is reflected by our response to illegal acts committed by our students.  Student offenders of date/acquaintance rape and sexual assault are subject to University conduct hearings and criminal prosecution. We encourage you to read EOU’s Sexual Misconduct Policy in the Student Handbook. We also encourage you to check out this Sex Matters web site for more information. Our goal with this information is to:

  • Enhance awareness among the campus community about the realities of sexual misconduct (i.e., most are acquaintance assaults, most involve alcohol/drug use by either or both the victim and alleged perpetrator);
  • Improve access to advocacy for victims of sexual misconduct; and
  • Encourage a campus climate where reporting sexual misconduct is the norm, where victims are provided with timely and sensitive advocacy and support, and where all members of the campus community understand that sexual misconduct is an unacceptable serious violation of community standards.

We believe that awareness of sexual assault behaviors may lead to a reduction of incidents and thus, encourage you to attend the various workshops about rape/sex without consent held throughout the year in your residence hall and other venues on campus. For more information for yourself or for a friend, you can seek confidential assistance from the Counseling Center staff at 962-3524.


Camille Consolvo, Ph.D.

Vice President for Student Affairs