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There are a number of places, both on campus and in the community, where you can find help and support if you or someone you know has been sexually assaulted. Wanting help and assistance is normal. And sometimes not wanting to talk about what happened is normal as well. We encourage you to assess your own needs to do what is right for you.

Campus Services

Counseling Center

6th and L Ave.


Dr. Marianne Weaver and Dr. Adam Lotfi

The counseling center is available for confidential support. Reporting a sexual assault to either therapist in the counseling center does not require you to report the assault to anyone else on campus or to law enforcement. However, if you choose to pursue action, the counselors can guide you through this process. The therapists are trained in trauma response and provide individual counseling for victims to heal. Additionally, the counseling center offers consultation with friends, family and staff about how to help a victim.


Student Health Center

6th and L Ave.


The Student Health Center is available for confidential support. Sexual assault related services include a physical exams, STI testing, prophylactics (antibiotics to counteract certain STIs), and emergency contraception. Nurse practitioners are available by appointment to discuss any concerns you have about what happened to your body and to treat minor injuries. Major or immediate injuries need to be treated at Grande Ronde Hospital Emergency Room. If you would like a forensic exam, where evidence collection can be used for prosecuting purposes, then call 911 to access the Sexual Assault Response Team.


Director of Student Relations

Inlow Hall 113


If the person who assaulted you is a student, you have the option of filing a Code of Conduct complaint through the Director of Student Relations (DSR). The DSR can explain your options and the procedures involved. You may bring a support person with you to meet with the DSR.


Affirmative Action Officer

Inlow Hall 209


If the person who assaulted you is an EOU faculty or staff member, you have the option of filing a complaint with the Affirmative Action Officer (AAO). The AAO can explain your options and the procedures involved. You may bring a support person with you to meet with the AAO.

Sexual Assault Response Campus Advocates

Look for this sticker     it identifies someone (could be an administrator, faculty, staff or student) as a Sexual Assault Response Campus Advocate. These advocates have been trained to listen to you and help you access campus and community resources. You can use this LINK to also find a list of currently trained advocates on campus.


Resident Assistant (RA)/Area Coordinator (AC)

If you live in the residence halls, your RA and AC is available for you to talk to 24/7. They are trained to help you access campus and community resources.


Women’s Research and Resource Center (WRRC)

Hoke Student Union

A safe place for victims of sexual assault to find peer support. The WRRC is comprised mostly of student volunteers, so office hours vary, but you can learn about campus and community resources here.

Community Services

Shelter From the Storm

10901 Island Avenue, Island City

Office Phone: 541-963-7226

24-hr. Hotline: 541-963-9261


Shelter From the Storm provides free, confidential services for victims of sexual assault and domestic violence. You can call the hotline at anytime to speak to a trained individual about what you are experiencing. There are also professional sexual assault advocates available to help you explore your medical and legal options, and support you through your process. Free counseling is also available through the Shelter.


 Sexual Assault Response Team (SART)

Call 911 or Shelter’s Hotline at 541-963-9261

Provides immediate help (24/7) for sexual assault victims

If you access SART, you will be connected to a trained sexual assault advocate from Shelter From the Storm who will assess your immediate safety and types of support resources you are wanting to access. Your advocate will provide the following support and options (all of which are free and confidential):

  • Assistance with reporting to a law enforcement SART detective
  • Medical assessment and collection of evidence by a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE)
  • STI counseling, testing, and treatment
  • Information and referrals
  • Follow-up services, support, counseling, and referrals


Union County Victims Assistance (Office of the District Attorney)

1007 4th St. La Grande


Victim advocates are available to consult with regarding the legal process if you decide to report your assault to law enforcement. Advocates are also available to keep you abreast of the status of your case if it is prosecuted.


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