Message from the President


Message from the President:

Final Draft Sustainability Plan¬†(as posted to President’s web page).

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June 9, 2014


Welcome to finals week! I wish each of you success as you finish up this term and academic year.

This is my final message to you, as I am leaving EOU next week. I want you to know that I have truly enjoyed, and have been honored, to serve as your president for the last five years. Over this time, I have been able to watch most of you for your entire collegiate career. It has been a true joy seeing you grow and gain from your experiences. You have not only been enriched by these experiences, but your active participation in the learning process has also positively impacted your fellow classmates. I have also gained from my interactions with you as students, as individuals and as members of our community.

Later today (Monday, June 9) we will release the Sustainability Plan, a Retrenchment and Investment Plan for our University. As the title suggests, we must reduce and eliminate programs. However, at the same time, we need to make investments in areas that will enable Eastern to thrive in the future. These are difficult times, especially for those individuals who will be directly impacted by the recommendations that unfortunately must occur. While we will not be able to offer as many courses or programs, we will not lose our focus of serving you, our students, as best as we possibly can by meeting your needs as well as providing you with the foundation for future success.

Over the past month, I have heard from many students and talked with you directly or communicated with you via e-mail or other means. Your ideas and solutions were provocative and informative on many levels. I appreciate the time you took to advocate for your programs and fellow students or to clarify (and rectify) various rumors and information sources. Thank you for being engaged in this process.

As I venture to tackle new challenges and seek new opportunities, please know that I will treasure my time here at Eastern primarily because of you, the students, who make this a very special place.

If you are able, please join me Wednesday, June 11, from 8:30 to 10 a.m. in the Hoke Community Room for the last “Coffee with Bob” as I would like to say thank you in person for making the last five years the best of my life.



Bob Davies



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