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Stadium & Track Campaign

Step into the future for regional athletics!


The Campaign for Eastern Oregon

Upgrades to the stadium and track greatly impact EOU and its students, but the bigger picture reveals huge economic benefits to Union County and expanded access for people of all ages throughout the community. As EOU approaches its centennial anniversary, we have set an ambitious goal of reaching $100 million by 2029. Within that larger goal, alumni and stakeholders have identified several high-priority projects.



Expand EOU’s community partnerships in the region and reduce costs through upgrades to a key community asset.

This investment opens opportunities to host playoff games in football and soccer, as well as a variety of camps and tournaments, which EOU has been precluded from hosting because of its natural grass field.

The all-weather playing surface and energy-efficient lighting benefit student-athletes from almost every sport, while offering a large venue for concerts, speakers and other community events.


Track & Field

Transform EOU into a viable competition facility for high school, collegiate and professional athletes. Invest in elementary and middle school athletic programs and encourage active lifestyles among youth and families in the region.

Competitions and campus, combined with 120 of EOU’s varsity student-athletes and the many community members who use the track recreationally, total about 12,540 potential patrons annually.

Hosting home meets on campus would mean student-athletes miss less class time for athletic travel. A variety of coaches could make use of the improved facility for endurance and agility training.


Community Stadium: $1.6 million

  • Faster, safer multi-purpose turf field
  • Lighting for expanded use
  • ADA accessibility for stands
  • Increase usage by 8x
  • Access for area schools

Track & Field: $1.1 million

  • Faster, safer surface
  • Collegiate level competition lanes
  • Safer field event areas

Regional Success

  • More event capacity
  • Increased connections with local and regional communities
  • Economic vitality
  • Increase access for all students
  • Improve recruitment opportunities

Athletic Success

  • Attraction for recruitment
  • More opportunity for student athletes
  • Host play-off games
  • Host top-notch camps
  • Host regional, national tournaments

Community partners

  • Mountaineer Athletic Association
  • Eastern Oregon University
  • La Grande School District
  • Alumni & friends
  • EOU Foundation
  • YOU!

CAMPAIGN GOAL $2,700,000

Get Involved

  • Corporate or business sponsorships
  • Individual gifts
  • Gifts-in-kind
  • Volunteer leaders


Contact the EOU Development Office to learn more about how to support this crucial project:

t: 541-962-3740
e: foundation@eou.edu