Third Party Billing


Third Party Billings require a tuition/books authorization in writing from the third party.  If information such as grades is needed, an authorization to release information from the student is required to be on file with EOU before this information can be released to the third party.  The only exception is if the third party is US military or VA (the US military and VA require the soldiers/veterans to sign a release before they can receive tuition assistance).

The written tuition/books authorization can be mailed, dropped off to Student Accounts as a hard copy, e-mailed to , or faxed to 541-962-3872.  The authorization needs to include the following:

  • Third party name and billing address
  • Contact name for third party and contact information
  • Name(s) of the students(s)
  • The term(s) the third party is paying towards
  • What the third party is promising to pay, i.e. a specific dollar amount for tuition and/or books.  Some third parties promise to pay all tuition and fees and/or required books and do not include an actual dollar amount.