Definition of Fees

Definition of Fees


Tuition is established to support the administrative and instructional costs of each OUS institution. There are three basic tuition and fee structures at OUS institutions: the regular academic year, summer session, and continuing education.

Educational Delivery Fee

The Educational Delivery fee is assessed each term to students enrolled in only Online/Onsite courses. The “Educational Delivery Fee”  is set on a sliding per credit scale, as a reflection of economies of scale, to provide funding necessary for the delivery of courses, to enhance technology leveraging of instruction, to assist and expand academic support services to students who are not on campus.

Application for Admission Fee

Currently no application fee is required for students seeking formal admission to Eastern Oregon University.

Admission to the university does not guarantee admission to a program. To learn program specific admission requirements, please contact the school of interest of see an advisor for additional information.

Building Fee

A building fee is assessed each term to all students registered for “On-Campus” courses. This fee is established by legislative statute and is intended to fund construction projects associated with student involvement throughout the Oregon University System.

Incidental Fee

The incidental fee is assessed each term to all students taking “On-Campus” courses. This fee supports institutional student programs that are beyond the academic mission of the institution. Funds generated by incidental fees are used to fund student union operations, educational, cultural, and student governmental activities, and athletics. Incidental Fees are governed by a committee, comprised of student body officers, students, faculty, staff, and advisors.

Health Service Fee

The Health Service Fee is a mandatory fee that provides student access to the Student Health and Counseling Centers. This fee is assessed each term to students enrolled in a total of at least 6 credits and one or more of these credits is an “On-Campus” course. Information regarding the services provided at the Student Health and Counseling Centers can be found on the Student Health Center webpage at and the Counseling Center webpage at http:/


Health Insurance Fee

Beginning Fall 2012, Eastern Oregon University will offer a voluntary student health insurance plan. To be eligible to enroll in the voluntary student health insurance plan you must be taking at least 6 credits of on-campus classes (online credits do not count towards student health insurance eligibility). More details regarding rates and the enrollment process will be coming soon.

Hard-waiver Mandatory Student Health Insurance Plan (International)

All international students enrolled at Eastern Oregon University are required to purchase the International Student Health Insurance. In certain circumstances, International Student Health Insurance may be waived upon proof of a comparable student health insurance plan. More details regarding rates and the waiver process will be available soon.

Matriculation Fee

The Matriculation Fee is a one time fee charged to all newly admitted, degree seeking students to cover the costs associated with  admissions, student orientation, transcripts, web, and other services associated with the enrollment of freshmen and transfer students.


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