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June 7th, 2007

Meeting minutes


Order: 3:40pm

Nick Romriell welcomed everyone and thanked everyone for their great job and contribution and helped move the SAC moving forward with success and called the final meeting in order.


Action Items:

  • Approval of meeting minutes of April, 19th, 2007: Ken Busch motioned, Seconded by Doug Briney.
  • Student Code of Conduct Approval: (Draft Revision 5/17/07): Throughout the revision committee members asked questions about the code of conduct for wording and clarification Colleen C. Steven Jenkins brought up about the relativity of burst of anger in Disorderly conduct. Colleen expressed that the President’s cabinet has approved it and waiting for the Committee approval waiting to be sent to OUS. 4-35 Steven expressed concern over unauthorized device. Colleen: clarified of inappropriate.Steven: suggested that text message is too specific so to cover all non communication and communication used inappropriately. Expression can be used.Les Balsiger made remark regarding Tobacco outside the doors. Ken Busch brought to our attention what line 15 pg3 was, Colleen clarified that it was header and that the a-h is OUS codes of conduct and that i-r are EOU’s.Nick pg16 line 15-16 asked if it were and attorneys. Colleen expressed that with the exception with sexual assault they can advise but not speak. Nick motioned to approve. Amend by Doug and seconded by Ken. No opposition.

Discussion Items:


Nick suggested not having the meetings in final week which would cause the students not to come to the meetings. Ken asked how the students are chosen. Nick clarified that at this time it is on volunteer basis. Steve made remark about Resident Life whether they have presented their topic questioning official representation. Colleen questioned about Hall council. Ken noted also that residents’ life doesn’t include married housing. Doug addresses that 25% to 1/3 of students live on campus.


  • Clarification policy:
    • Res Life student representation.
  • Students hearing committee: training, recruit or SAC flexibility in hearing, Training process. Nick said that would like to see students currently on the committee in hearings.
    • Concerns of justice delayed, justice nixed (?): plagiarism cases being postponed.
    • Suggested of pool of student volunteers for hearing to make sure there are enough trained students for SAC hearings, Possibility of class being offered as Honors class for recruitment.
  • Sheldon Nord will leave and his position will be open.


Colleen handed out the certificates of appreciation to committee members. Nick made a closing remark wishing everyone a good break and expressed that Katie would make a great chair next year.


Meeting Adjourned.


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