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Assembly Student Affairs Committee

April 27, 2006


Present: Anna Bacon, Ben Calhoun, Sheldon Nord, Steven Kalb, Joella DeVillier, Konnie Zacharias, Jeff Dunbar, Rebecca Hartman, Jana Parmele, Mike Daugherty.


  1. Approval of the Minutes of the March 2, 2006 Assembly Student Affairs Committee
    1. The changes to be made are to read, “Those who volunteer to participate in the Student Hearings Committee must be present at the meeting.” Further discussion of how the sentence is to be revised will occur with Sheldon Nord and Lauren Moore.
    2. Steven moved to approve the minutes from March 3, 2006 providing the changes that are to be made. Ben seconded. Approved unanimously.
  2. Discussion and review of the Student Hearing Committee Protocol
    1. Joella suggested that a change be made so that a time limit exists as to when an appeal can be filed
    2. Sheldon Nord stated that such a limit exists in the Student Code of Conduct and that it was five days.
    3. A suggestion was made that the Student Hearing’s Committee laws include that the records be maintained, and not shredded, until the completion of the student appeals process.
    4. Sheldon Nord suggested that he talk with Colleen Cascio concerning the audio taken during the hearing and would get back to the committee.
  3. May 2nd Assembly items
    1. Assembly Student Affairs Committee is to bring forward as an informational item the Sexual Assault and Sex Offender policies at Assembly.  The Committee, and President’s Council have approved both items and President’s Council asked that they be brought to assembly as an information item.
  4. Remaining issues for the end of the year
    1. Anna states that there are two issues we had intended to discuss before the end of the year which include the Time, Place, and Manner Policy and the Medical Withdrawal Policy.
    2. Sheldon Nord suggested that if we are to address only one of the two policies that it should be the Time, Place, and Manner Policy because the Senate expressed interest.
    3. Mike Daugherty brought up the Firearm’s Policy of the RA Manual and Sheldon suggested that he send the current policy before us so we can review.
    4. Anna Bacon suggested we look at the Time, Place, and Manner Policy before we reconvene in May.
    5. Sheldon Nord suggested that the Medical Withdrawal Policy be saved for the first item on the agenda in the fall.
  5. Student Affairs Committee
    1. Anna Bacon suggested that the ASEOU Vice President for Campus Affairs hold the Chair position at least until the first meeting in which the Vice President for Campus Affairs can choose to decline the seat.  If the Vice President for Campus Affairs declines, then the committee would elect another student member.
    2. Konnie Zacharias was concerned that this would eliminate the opportunity for students other than those participating in Government, such as herself, from being able to participate as a Chair.
    3. Ben Calhoun suggested that the Chair needed to be in better contact with ASEOU and that the Vice President of Campus Affairs would ensure that this occurred.
    4. Sheldon Nord stated that if the Committee were to make this a specific job of the Vice President, than the constitution would need to be altered. He suggested that we create this stipulation in the form of an in-house document.
    5. Anna stated that the lateness with which this particular committee began this year is a good reason for making the Chair position part of the duties of the Vice President for Campus Affairs.  That way the transition between spring and fall would be more fluid.
    6. Jeff Dunbar believed that this would alleviate this year’s lateness as the Chair could be identified at a much earlier date.
    7. Motion: Ben Calhoun moved that the Vice President of Campus Affairs be Chair and that person then has the option to defer to a student of the Committee’s choosing. Steven Kalb seconded.
    8. Rebecca Hartman called for the Question.
      • Ben moved to amend his previous motion to read; The Vice President for Campus Affairs will serve as Chair of Student Affairs Committee.  This person will have the option to decline the position after the first meeting of the Academic year.  If the Vice President declines, the Student Affairs Committee will elect a new Chair from students serving on the Committee.
      • There was a vote on the amendment of the motion and it passed with an abstention made by Konnie Zacharias.
      • Vote was made on the motion made by Ben and it passed with the exception of Konnie who opposed the motion.

6.  For the good of the order

    1. There was none.

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