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April 19th, 2007


Meeting called to order at 3:35pm


Nick Romriell introduced new student member Taivan Sarangerel and visiting student Doctor Ayeliya.


March 7th, 14th of 2007 meeting minutes approved. Vivian Petersen motioned. Katy Barnet seconded.


Action items:


Election of new secretary/co-chair: Konnie no longer available.  Sheldon Nord noted that the positions of secretary and co-chair can be separate. He also added that the title should be vice-chair rather than co-chair. It is more appropriate with regards to the duties carried out by the position.


Floor open: Taivan offered to serve as the secretary. Committee ascended and Nick asked if anyone descended. No one descended.


Nick asked if Katy was interested in the vice-chair position.


Gretchen Jolly wanted to know when the committee will know the oncoming members for the upcoming year.


Moving on Nick called to order for announcements /messages /suggestions.


Intact Credit: Nick was wondering if there was a possibility of offering students to receive Intact credits for participation and involvement to the committees. He found out that in order to receive intact course credit there is a ten hour requirement and this is causing a problem because committee meetings vary in time from year to year and from committee to committee. Stephen Jenkins noted a possible alternative option of a co-curricular transcript that would show extra-curricular activities and leadership positions on each student’s transcript.


Virginia Tech incident: Gretchen expressed her concerns, in accordance to the Virginia Tech incident, regarding the Firearms Policy in the EOU Handbook, Lockdown procedures, and safety and weapons discussion. Colleen Cascio noted the Firearms policy is to be reviewed and to be approved by next year. Also, the emergency preparedness policy is being talked by currently. There will be a webinar held on campus next week about an emergency plan and how student’s can cope with such tragedy. (Week of 23rd-28th). Stephen added there will be a discussion at the dorms about guns. Vivian added there are occasions that code words can be used such as red and blue files. It was clear that the policy regarding gun storage is in writing that was approved by the 2002 Safety Committee.


Discussion item:  Student Code of Conduct revision. We are only discussing and reviewing the suggested revisions, not approving them today. Colleen noted that most of the changes were housecleaning and some language was added to help clarify ambiguity. Sheldon suggested the rationale to be reviewed. Colleen suggested going over the major changes and highlights. Danny Aynes added clarity. Committee reviewed rationale. During rationale, Stephen noted it would be hard to define “bursts of anger” and “verbal abuse” due to freedom of speech with the exception of fighting words and the conditioning situational settings and interpretation conflicts. (Page 4, line 32) Danny suggests of witnesses by accused on page 15. There was note of the OAR and reference of the Weapons policy. Controlled and illegal substance. Nick: referenced Time, Manner, and Place. OAR rules are hard to change because they are rules and policies are more favorable. Colleen noted that the Student Code of Conduct follows the Model Code of conduct and she will send the link on email.


Time, Place, Manner precedents bring it up.


Meeting adjourned at 4:45pm.


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