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March 7, 2007


Nick calls meeting to order at 2:10pm


Approval of minutes: Vivian motioned, Rebecca seconded the motion – motion approved


Action Items:

Res Life Budget – Stephen

Major changes, adding one more roommate as Hunt single and increases for meal plan and rooms were 9% and then Alikut is not as high for competitive reasons. U tilities went down because North and South are more efficient than Dorion. Inflation about the same 6%. Budget 3 term occupants. Roommate moves out in Hunt will you be charged at single rate asked by Katie? No if they commit to double room and open to a roommate moving in. Goal is to get 400-430 occupancy through 3 terms. Many factors through the year hit the dorms pretty hard, minimum wage, Aramark prices, etc.Track applications month by month until school starts and then week by week until 4th week Housing/Food one budget not a separate, but at Eastern we contract out – transfer money back and forth, want to stay in the combined (one big budget). Nick asked a question for Charles – he was confused on why Res Life would make profits off the food (charge higher price then what they pay) – Stephen stated that the reserved requirements and you should have a 5-10% cash reserve, want a buffer. Sheldon – thinks that profit is the wrong word to use, more revenue then expenses and this covers other accounts that are more expenses then revenue. Positive cash flow, but it all has to stay in the account it what it is meant for. Wanted feedback from the committee on the rates, but it is by law they have to charge rates to cover expenses.

Sheldon – this was usually an information item not as an action item.

*noted this was not an action item, but a information item.


Discussion Item:

Hoke Advisory Board – Stephen/Danny

He would like to see a more active group with faculty, staff, and largely composed of students. 50% plus 1 student and the rest faculty and staff.

Danny – 16 people on the committee. Sheldon thought this committee was more then just an advisory board and combine with student fee committee, not call it Hoke, but oversee student capital fee request, such as intramural field, athletics, etc. Not suppose to spend student building fee money without student input.

Stephen would like to have Hoke Advisory Board because he wants a group that will be interested in what goes on in the student building. Sheldon feels Danny and Stephen get together to discuss this item further and bring it back to the committee.Danny – Student Government freed up some space for space allocation. He feels that it is hard to have this committee with so many students because of the conflict in schedules. Danny met with Sadie and they felt they should make the committee smaller, to get a better quorum. Sheldon – wanted to know why we make the person (director) who has the most involvement and why are they ex-officio? Rebecca stated it is because of egalitarianism at EOU. Rebecca stated that Sheldon is ex-officio on this committee but we still hear his voice at the committee, but he can’t vote. Recruitment for committees – class wraps, INTACT class – broader then ASEOU Senate


Other – next meeting scheduled Wednesday March 14th, bring schedules for next term to set-up meetings


Les – wanted to thank everyone for allowing him to be an ex-officio on the committee from the DDE perspective, and wanted to know if there is a way to get a DDE student on the committee through conference call.


Meeting adjourned at 2:50 p.m.



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