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March 2, 2006


  • Anna Bacon apologized for late notice of meeting. Committee agenda and minutes handed out. Meeting began.
  • Gretchen Jolly moved to approve minutes of February 9, 2006 meeting with spelling corrections. Lauren Moore seconded, approved unanimously.
  • Colleen Casio handed out a drafted memo concerning Student Hearing Protocol.
    1. Colleen discussed the role of the Student Hearing Committee and the committees specific responsibilities.
  • Ben Calhoun suggested that changes be made to the composition of the Student Hearing Committee. Certain changes were made.
    1. Change to be made is that only 1 teaching faculty member, 1 administrative faculty member, 3 student members, and 1 classified staff are to compose the committee. Also to be included is that those who volunteer to participate in the Student Hearings Committee must be present at the meeting. Change is to be made to designation of chair to be made from the administrative or teaching faculty member present. The stipulation of having to have at least 5 members, three of whom shall be a student has been removed.
  • Anna Bacon suggested that we move on and bring back any further suggestions to be made to Student Hearing Policy.
  • Ben Calhoun talked about progress made to live-in policy.
    1. There is a new set of criteria for waivers that has more to do with tangible instead of subjective items, GPA, campus participation. They are working on getting it finalized.
  • Anna Bacon discussed meeting times for next term. Anna will send out emails.
  • Sex-Offender Policy was handed out to approve.
    1. Colleen suggested changes to paragraph 2 and 3 to read sex offender.
    2. Colleen suggested that under protocol #1 “a person” be removed.
    3. Ben asked if the parole officer was required by law to notify the campus that it had a sex offender as one of its students? Colleen stated that by law, the parole officer was required to do so.
  • Steven Kalb moved and Kenn Wheeler seconded to affirm the sex-offender policy pending the corrections be made, passed unanimously.
  • Anna Bacon asked if there was anything of the Good of the Order.
    1. Steven mentioned that the woman’s basketball game was going to be on the radio on Wednesday.
  • Meeting was adjourned.

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