Eastern Oregon University

University Council Student Affairs Committee

March 15, 2012


Present:  Kimberly Mueller, Doug Briney, Chris Heidbrink, Camille Consolvo, Stephen Jenkins, Dylan Lawrence, Le Alexander, Robin Weinman, Colleen Dunne-Cascio


  1. Approval of Minutes: A motion was made and seconded to approve the Minutes of the February 22, 2012 Student Affairs Committee meeting with identified revisions. Motion passed.
  2.  Action Items:
    1. ASEOU Election Guidelines – Heidbrink gave an overview of the revisions to the election guidelines. A discussion took place. A question was asked about the student status of those voting, should they be an admitted student or a currently enrolled student? It was recommended that ASEOU revise the Election Guidelines to indicate that the Vice President for Political Affairs run the elections rather than the Vice President for Campus Affairs as a result of the large volume of duties that the Vice President for Campus Affairs has to carry out. There was some question about write-in candidates. A discussion ensued.  Additional discussion took place regarding the eligibility of candidates and whether or not they can participate in the election. A motion was made and seconded to approve the ASEOU Election Guidelines with recommended revisions and editorials. Motion passed.
    2. Student Hearings Committee Protocol – Cascio and Consolvo indicated that it was brought to the Vice President for Student Affairs attention that during the recent Student Hearings Committee training it was mentioned that classified staff could not serve as committee chair. Upon review of historical documents, it was noted that the composition of the Student Hearings Committee had been revised and approved. This revision was an oversight on the Student Conduct Program Administrator’s part and the current practice will reflect the approved protocol. A discussion took place. It was noted that the first two items under the Purpose of the committee do not reflect the current practices and should be stricken. A motion was made and seconded to approve the revisions and immediate implementation of the Composition of the Student Hearings Committee as was previously approved that states that the Student Hearings Committee designates before each hearing one of the three non-student members to be the chair. Motion passed.
    3. Student Grievance Procedures – A review of the draft Student Grievance Procedures took place. Revisions were discussed and noted. The revisions will be made and submitted to the committee members prior to the next meeting so that the documents could be reviewed prior to the next meeting and ready for discussion. It was also recommended that a timeline be put together, similar to the flow chart.

Meeting adjourned.


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