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March 14th, 2007


Meeting called to order at 2:03 pm


Action Item:

Schedule Meetings for next quarter – April, May, June

Nick suggest we try afternoons – Wednesdays or Thursdays

Ken open 1-2 and after 3:30

Colleen thinks between 3-5 is the best time

Nick – Thursdays at 3:30, wait until the 3rd week to have first meeting – April 19th

Wednesday the 18th worked better from 3:30-5, May 16th and June 6th – Colleen request for this meeting to have potential members for the next school year

Possible move those meeting to Thursday for Rebecca, 19th, 17th, 7th


Discussion Item:

Karen Clay – library

This is based on the passing of the shared governance – this is a language issue. Librarians felt they were excluded from committees except for Athletic Committee, they need to have service to the University and committees would be a great opportunity.

Change: two members of the teaching faculty and librarians with representation from different Colleges of from the Library

Don’t want librarians on all committees just want them to have the opportunity. 4 librarians – possibility of representation on this committee. Colleen – mentioned that this takes a seat away from Faculty/Staff. Karen – thus far she has discussed with EPCC and been in email correspondence. Teaching feels that they want representation and feel open to this change. Colleen – do the librarians feel a need to sit on the committee?

  • reported to the Faculty Senate are committees that they want to sit on
  • want to contribute to committees and the campus through representation

Doug feels that there is some real value to having teaching staff on this committee with student hearing issues. Ken movef to make this an action item, Viv seconded this motion. Motion carries – action item.


Doug – include three instead of two- Moved to adopt this change Ken seconded.

Discussion: 16 members with three teaching faculty and librarians. Motion carries.


Good of the order: Konnie’s last meeting – next meeting we will select another secretary and one more student


Meeting adjourned 2:53


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