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March 11, 2009




Present:             Karyn Gomez, Vivian Petersen, Patti Girrard, Colleen Dunne-Cascio, Heather Stanhope (late), Janet Jessup, Stephen Jenkins, Russell Waisanen


1. Approval of the Minutes of February 11, 2009

The Minutes of the February 11, 2009 Student Affairs Committee was not approved due to a lack of quorum. The Minutes will be forwarded to the next Student Affairs Committee meeting for discussion and approval.


2. Updates

a) Discrimination Policy

Jessup reported that she spoke with the Diversity Committee Co-chair, Karen Clay that the Student Affairs Committee agrees that the University does need to have a policy, however, we are not the body to develop the policy. Clay indicated that the Diversity Committee would then work on the policy.

b)Medical Withdrawal Policy

Dunne-Cascio reported that the medical withdrawal policy has been discussed with the Academic Standards Committee chair, Doug Briney, and that the policy will be presented to the Academic Standards Committee at their next meeting.

c)Academic Honesty Code

The Academic Honesty Code update was moved to the next Student Affairs Committee meeting for discussion.

d)Time, Place, and Manner Policy

Jessup indicated that the TPM policy draft has been given to the subcommittee for review and discussion. It is anticipated that a final draft will be brought forward to the next Student Affairs Committee meeting.

e)Dining and Board Plan Revisions

Jenkins reported that the Dining and Board Plan proposed revisions (combo room/board plans) are currently being reviewed by the Vice President for Finance and Administration. Upon approval, the next step is to submit the proposed plans to the President’s Cabinet to determine the best plan to go with.

  • A question was asked regarding how soon the Residence Hall Consultant’s recommendations would be implemented? It was mentioned that some recommendations are being worked on right now (living/learning environment) with the FYE Committee and the Student Leadership Program. There is also an outreach effort to the Business faculty for assistance.
  • A question was asked regarding when the grill in Mac’s would be reopening. It was mentioned that there will be a soft grand opening that includes a limited menu and that the Grand Reopening will be right after spring break. It was also mentioned that the coffee prices will go down to the 2006 range. Mac’s is also looking at a deal with Nestle on bottled water. There are two marketing staff members here today assisting with the revisions of meal plans and upgrading their website to allow for meal plan purchases on the web.

f) Housing Consultant Report and next stepsJenkins indicated that the report was received last week and will be forwarded to the President’s Cabinet, Student Government, Residence Hall officers, and will be posted to the Student Affairs Assessment website. Jenkins went through all of the recommendations and put them on a spreadsheet. Each recommendation will have an action champion to work on that area and assist with moving forward on development and implementation of the recommendations. It was mentioned that ASEOU is requiring all of its representatives to read and discuss. ASEOU would like to meet with the residence life staff to discuss. Jenkins indicated that any recommendations for implementation should be forwarded to him. A discussion took place regarding some of the ideas for developing the living/learning environments. Some of the topics included HUM 110 study sessions, themed hallways (leadership, business, honors, academics, mixed).

3. New Business

a) Club Constitution Revisions

Waisanen brought up the question “who is revising club constitutions?” because it was brought to his attention that some constitutions had been turned in and apparently misplaced and the status was unknown. A brief discussion took place. It was mentioned that it is up to the individual clubs to revise their constitutions and that submission to the Student Activities office is for informational purposes only. This matter goes back to the Advisor Check sheet and the Intent to be Active form for clubs and organizations. Wolcott will follow up with Waisanen.

4. Information Items


5. For the good of the order



Meeting adjourned at 3:25 p.m.


The next Student Affairs Committee meeting is scheduled for April 15, 2009.


Submitted by Colleen Dunne-Cascio


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